Orange is preparing to close its copper network in a number of communities from 2024

Orange is preparing to close its copper network in a number of communities from 2024

The copper shutdown plan is progressing and Orange is already preparing for shutdowns in some communities.

A first step in preparation. The incumbent announced in late 2019 its desire to phase out the copper network from 2023 and complete it in 2030, finally unveiling its plan earlier in the year. Following a public consultation, Arcep explains that Orange is currently working to form a number of communities where it aims to implement a technical closure of its local copper line by the end of 2024.

This is an important step for the telecom regulator to replace the network used for ADSL with fiber optics. As a reminder: In the first quarter of 2022, the networks FttH covered about 72% of the premises and the number of fiber connections exceeded 15 million. Experiments have already been carried out, notably in one community in Yvelines, but the plan needs to be done over time, first stopping marketing offers and then pre-erasing the network through number plates, warning operators and consumers.

Arcep intends to ensure the smooth running of the plan as well as compliance with the obligations imposed in terms of transparency and the sharing of data with other operators. Against this background, several questions were put to the incumbent during the public consultation that started last April. In this way, several documents are published dealing with the method used, a more comprehensive plan of stages and milestones, the communities affected, etc., as well as an annual notebook detailing the lots on which the closure of copper is recorded becomes.

Orange also intends a regular exchange as part of a continuous improvement process, but also a “discussion time” in the course of 2025 before the closure phase begins. “The conclusions of these screenshangs will be able to youto Come enrich she different notebooks techniques who will be updated upon needfor example on Governance, or the pace and timing of Conclude‘ the operator explains. Communication with subscribers and local authorities is also a concern of the incumbent, who intends to offer a complete communication kit but also considers other possible options.

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