Fuel: This supermarket offers the return of the “cost price” for the cross break weekend

Signs are currently competing in strategies to provide the best deals to their customers. In fact, with the increase in fuel consumption that does not stop talking in France, motorists are always looking for good deals that will allow them to save at least a few cents per liter. Especially when you know that the price of a liter of petrol is now around 2 euros. In order to flatter themselves with the latter, the gas stations have therefore considered developing advertising offers that are intended to relieve their fuel budget. A trick that works every time, provided everything is good at the moment, to take advantage of these precautionary discounts.

Fuel price from this Thursday

You are probably wondering about the interest of gas station brands in offering you a lower fuel price than normal. Well, do you know that the casino has thought of combining business with pleasure by allowing you to spend money in its supermarkets at the same time. So stock up on the spot At least 120 euros and benefit from the petrol price with 12 cents less per liter. Of course, this offer is limited to a defined volume 40 liters per car. You must therefore pay the full price for any excess. An offer only valid in Leclerc points of sale only from 28th to 30th July 2022.

As a reminder, Casino was the first brand to offer a liter of fuel for less than 1 euro. An offer that was conditional but had an impact on customers. So it’s Leclerc’s turn today. Holidaymakers will be the first to benefit and you will see that many of them will be part of the queues that will be created in all points of sale of this brand. Especially since several shops distributed throughout France are affected. Too bad this promotional offer is only effective in Leclerc supermarkets along the motorways. Once you move away from this axis, prices will actually return to normal.

Fuels: good news

The responsible at Leclerc however, wanted to be aware of the continuation of this fuel promotion in the future. A law that dictates that from August 22nd, this type of funding will no longer be allowed for fossil fuels. The re-evaluation of this discount that should be -20% on 1stah September will certainly not see the light of day. This is despite the fact that Total Energies’ efforts in this direction have been welcomed by the government. You can also take advantage of this type of promotion at Casino, which offers you fuel for 0.85 euros/litre.

The state is currently doing everything in its power to develop an appropriate strategy against the increase in fuel prices. However, we have to believe that in the end it is not so obvious, because the conflict in Ukraine has a huge impact on the price of hydrocarbons on a world scale. So in the end, he can only rely on these special offers that supermarket chains offer to counteract the problem.

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