Energy check: who is the average discount of 100 euros announced by Engie for?

In November, Engie will offer an average discount of 100 euros per customer benefiting from the energy check, said the group’s general manager, Catherine MacGregor, in an interview published on the Paris website on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

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The rebate will be proportional to the amount of the energy voucher and the cost of this measure for Engie is 90 million euros, e.g 880,000 customers affectedthe group confirmed to AFP.

“We are aware of the inflationary reality and concerned about the difficulties faced by our customers, whether domestic or industrial”, pointed out Ms. MacGregor in Le Parisien.

A development fund of 60 million euros

The group, which is due to present its findings on Friday 29 July, has also set up a €60 million support fund for small and medium-sized businesses. “which allows them to have access to the guarantees they need to buy energy”even to “Payment facilities when they’re having trouble paying the bills.”

This gesture does not answer the debate launched in Parliament in July on the introduction of a tax on the excessive profits of large corporations, says the chairman.

A civic gesture?

TotalEnergies, for example, had announced a discount of 20 cents per liter of fuel at the pump between September and November at all of its stations, followed by 10 cents per liter for the rest of the year.

“It is above all a civic gesture to help our customers. (…) Engie does not produce gas, but buys it and resells it at the market price. So there is no excess here.”explained Ms MacGregor.

“In terms of electricity, certain assets, notably our nuclear power plants in Belgium, have indeed benefited from high energy prices. They are subject to an already very well-defined tax and profit distribution system. This allows us to return a significant portion of these profits to the affected states.”‘ said the manager.

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