Chicken nuggets sold across France are contaminated with Listeria


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Bowls of chicken nuggets sold in several major supermarkets are being recalled after detection of Listeria.

Be careful if you’ve recently bought chicken nuggets. those of the brand master rooster are subject to a massive recall. These are the 1kg shells sold in supermarkets between July 22nd and July 27th Carrefour, Casino, Auchan, Provera, System U, Leclerc and Intermarche from all over France. According to Rappel Conso’s website, the manufacturer launched a recall after detecting Listeria monocytogenes, the causative agent of listeriosis. ” People who have consumed (these) products and are presenting them Feverisolated or accompanied by headacheand Painsare asked to consult their doctor and inform him about this consumptiondetermines the location of the warnings about dangerous products. heavy forms with neurological complications and maternal or fetal damage it can also sometimes occur in pregnant women. Pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly should pay particular attention to these symptoms. Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and has an incubation period of up to eight weeks. “.

Which batch is affected?

The lot affected by this product recall is the following: GTIN 3230890027529 – Lot 2P2201 – Expiration Date 08/12/2022. It is recommended to stop consuming and destroying this product and to contact consumer service (0251442353). Compensation in coupons is provided to compensate customers.

Recently, many major retailers’ flagship products have been recalled, such as Buitoni pizzas or Kinder chocolates. If one might think that foodborne illnesses are more common today, Simon Le Hello, a professor at the University of Caen and a microbiologist, tells LCI that this is not the case. ” In fact, these foodborne infections are happening all the time. We have a food safety and surveillance system, which is extremely important in France, which allows anomalies to be identified very well and investigations to be launched quickly. What is happening today, what is being highlighted, is a fairly effective system for detecting epidemics. Fortunately, because the objective of this system, which must be reactive, is to remove the product as quickly as possible to avoid other cases. “.

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