toulouse “Weapons are missing,” said the Airbus boss: Why is the aerospace industry fighting for recruitment?

The aerospace industry is struggling with recruitment difficulties.
The aerospace industry is struggling with recruitment difficulties. (©Airbus SAS 2018 Alexandre Doumenjou – Master Films)

The economic recovery affects all players in the aviation industry. After two years of crisis, air traffic has started again and airlines are ordering planes again. However, as discussed, companies are struggling to keep up Guillaume Faurythe boss ofairbus on the set of BFM businessThursday 28 July 2022.

Aero struggles with recruitment

In addition to Lack of certain raw materials (e.g. Titan), the manufacturers have to struggle with setting problems. “That’s one of the big difficulties at the moment,” explains Guillaume Faury.

According to him, Airbus, which reopened the recruitment floodgates earlier this year, is less of a victim of this problem: “The company remains very attractive. We manage to attract and hire people properly, even if it takes a little longer than expected,” he admits.

According to the CEO of the European aircraft manufacturer, these are mainly these the smallest ecosystem players in the aerospace sector have trouble finding workers. Problem, there are many in this case …

“Overall there is a lack of people. There is a lack of weapons in our sector.”

Guillaume FauryAirbus CEO

Recovery too strong and scalded workforce?

These difficulties are “the counterpart of a return to better conditions and prospects, which are very good”. Understand that the pace set by the economic recovery would be too intense for many companies in the industry.

Has part of the workforce been burned by the impact of the health crisis on aerospace employment? We can rightly ask the question considering the fate of some aviation workers at the height of the health crisis.

As a reminder, if Airbus was able to avoid forced redundancies, many subcontractors resorted to it social plans or to collective performance agreements (APC). in Derichebourg, more than 160 employees had been fired after refusing an APC.

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Guillaume Faury: “There really is room for everyone”

In this context, the Airbusian still wants to convince people to get involved (or re-engage) in the industry:

“There really is room for everyone. These are jobs that are exciting at a time when we are decarbonizing the aviation sector and transforming technologies and ways of working.”

Guillaume Faury

Will the Airbus chief’s call be heard?

Deliveries: Airbus revises its forecasts (slightly).

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, during the presentation of its financial results for the first half of the year, Airbus Group announced that it plans to deliver fewer commercial aircraft in 2022 than expected. The reason given? “The geopolitical and economic situation creates new uncertainties in the industry”.

By the end of FY2022, Airbus now expects to deliver around 700 commercial aircraft (up from 611 deliveries in 2021) when 720 were announced at the end of Q1 2022.


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