At Orpea’s general meeting, “we experienced a big hit, how well oiled,” judged one shareholder

Bruno Orlando, 75, wearing a hat and denim jacket, first took the microphone in the auditorium on Thursday, July 28. “I hope that the financial authorities will strip the former director and his white-collar crime”, launches the former sommelier and, without citing him, aims at Yves Le Masne, referred to in the book by Victor Castanet published in January, The gravediggers (Fayard, 400 pages, 22.90 euros), as one of the most important heads of the “systems” cost optimization developed by the company. Mr Le Masne was relieved of his post in January. Orpea’s general meeting voted against the payment of a severance payment on Thursday.

Mr. Orlando explains that he wanted to dump ” a little “ from his ” Fury “after his ten Orpea shares fell from 88 euros to less than 25 euros each within six months. “The price will take some time to recover, he fears. How do you think they will get from the abyss to the mountain in a few months? » At Orpea, small shareholders hold 40% of the approximately 64 million shares. Your vote counts. gold “Trust is Broken”testifies Patrick Raison, Secretary General of the National Association of Shareholders of France.

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At the group’s annual meeting on March 17e district of Paris, they were less than a hundred. Michel Tiphineau, 75, didn’t just come to complain about the fall in the price of his 150 shares. in the “convalo in a home facility”a Clinea clinic owned by the Orpea group, he complained“At the level of the bowl, it was more than ridiculous”. This did not lead him to get rid of his titles. “We will need more and more healthcare facilities and nursing homes, he said. The market is there. »


Denis Tarery, 82, left the Annual General Meeting “rather positive prospects”. “I am convinced that the measures they will take will turn their backs on Orpea”, entrusts this holder of 190 shares. However, he says he is embarrassed by the methods “Birds of prey” which he recently discovered in the company. “It’s an area where you might think there’s some ethics more than anywhere else”‘ he said with a sigh. Conversely, another shareholder is disappointed: “We have experienced a great blow of well-oiled communication”, judge this man who lost 50,000 euros in his stock collapse.

Before the end of the general meeting, a loner came out of the auditorium: an 89-year-old Parisian who wished to remain anonymous. “Apparently there’s some wrongdoing, I don’t think it’s over yet, the old gentleman confided while sipping a glass of water. What I heard at the meeting did not inspire confidence in me. » As he is in a hurry to go home he takes the time to add no he will never go to an Ehpad Orpea because “It looks like a disaster.”

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