“We will examine this question in September”: Minister Olivia Grégoire does not close the door on a tax on super-profits

published on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 09:48

While the opposition from left and right is calling for a tax on “super profits”, the Deputy Minister for Small Business and Trade believes that trust in companies is first necessary. “If at the end of the finance bill that arrives in Parliament in September, we find that companies have not fulfilled their responsibilities to the French, we will review this issue,” she said.

TotalEnergies Huge Gains Revealed This Week Right.

“We believe that companies have the means to show us their goodwill, by returning money to the French with discounts on fuel or electricity”, explained for the first time on Friday 29 July the ministerial delegate responsible for SMEs and trade, Olivia Grégoire France 2before to open the door to the possibility of legislation if companies don’t play along. “If at the end of the finance bill, which arrives in Parliament in September, Aware that corporations have not taken their responsibilities to the French, we will review this issue of taxing superprofits.She added.

“There is no demagogy, no pragmatism, we just prefer the money to go directly and very quickly into the pockets of the French, rather than going through tax loops that always take time to give value back to the French next year. Money. It is now that we must act,” pounded the minister.

Discounts not enough?

“I want to reiterate my opposition to any new tax in our country for very deep reasons,” declared the day before during the general discussion of the Purchasing Power Law in the Senate, Bruno Le Maire, the Economy Minister who made sure that “prefer (er) to our To please compatriots by giving us rebates that go straight into their pockets and not into the pockets of the public coffers.”

TotalEnergies this week announced a rebate of 20 cents per liter of fuel at the pump between September and November at all of its stations, then 10 cents per liter for the rest of the year, adding to the 30 cent rebate funded by the state budget.

For its part, Engie on Thursday evening promised an average rebate of 100 euros for its customers benefiting from the energy check, while the group announced on Friday that it would post net profit that more than doubled to 5 billion euros in the first half of the year 2.3 billion a year ago thanks to high energy prices.

What does not convince La France Insoumise? guest of france infoNational Assembly Finance Committee Chairman Eric Coquerel announced the impending launch “an exploratory mission on corporate taxation”. “It is not normal for SMEs to pay almost 25% tax in France while CAC 40 companies like Total pay zero tax,” said the deputy, ensuring that he did not believe that the company “does not make any profits in France” and that it was “tax optimization”.

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