Automobile. Stellantis continues to explode in the first half of 2022 with a net profit of 8 billion euros

The automotive group Stellantis published its financial results for the first half of 2022 on Thursday morning, July 28. You are exceptional.

It posted sales of €88 billion, up 17% compared to H1 2021, with a current operating margin of 14.1%, a level never seen for a generalist manufacturer. “This is the result of high prices, a favorable vehicle mix and positive exchange rate effects,” explains the group, as its sales worldwide fell by 7%.

Shortage of semiconductors, an ongoing threat

Its current operating profit was 12.4 billion euros (+44%) and its net profit was 8 billion euros (+34%). Recall that the auto group formed by the merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) posted a record €13.4 billion in net income for all of 2021.

The development in the first half of the year is all the more impressive as the semiconductor crisis is not over yet and car production continues to be hampered at regular intervals.

In Sochaux, for example, the new assembly line on which the Peugeot 3008 is made was shut down for several weeks from mid-June to early July.

The CFE-CGC calls for “an exceptional bonus”

Union reactions were quick. “If Stellantis’ economic performance is exceptional in the context of an automotive industry that has been suffering for two years, it is thanks to the work and investments of its employees who have been able to mobilize and fight to face the violence of the shocks. from the Covid-19 crisis, the shortage of semiconductors and the consequences of the war in Ukraine,” recalls, for example, Anh-Quan Nguyen, CFE-CGC union central representative. “It is therefore important to reinvest in human capital by creating a larger Part of the wealth created is redistributed. »

He adds: “At a time when inflation in France exceeds 6%, the issue of purchasing power for Stellantis’ French teams is all the more crucial as salary negotiations earlier in the year failed to result in an agreement. We are therefore asking Stellantis management to review its salary policy for 2022 in order to preserve the purchasing power of its employees and to provide all employees with an exceptional bonus to immediately mitigate the effects of inflation. »

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