BYD, the world’s number 2 electric car, arrives in France

Little known on this side of the globe, BYD is nonetheless a major player in the automotive industry, particularly in the electronics industry. France is said to get to know the Chinese brand in October.

Through a simple press release, the Chinese auto giant confirmed its presence at the Paris Motor Show and at the same time its arrival in France. BYD is a manufacturer unknown to the general public, but it is also a major player in the automotive industry, as it is quite simply the second largest manufacturer in the world in terms of electric vehicle sales (in this ranking, Tesla is first and Volkswagen is third). . Granted, most of his BYD/ “Build Your Dreams” (Realize your dreams), it built on the Chinese domestic market. In Europe, only Norway has a fairly thin distribution network, as they only sell one model, the Tang, a 100% electric SUV.

The BYD Han

BYD therefore strives to become a consumer goods manufacturer with a global presence and starts its expansion strategy. The Chinese brand will attend the Mondial de Paris from October 17th to 23rd. The event should be synonymous with the arrival of the brand on the old continent. In fact, rumors have been circulating for a few months about a joint launch in several European countries before the end of 2022. As for France, the choice of the Paris Motor Show confirms that France is one of the brand’s main target markets.

What models is BYD launching in Europe?

If the list of countries where BYD will be established is not yet official, this also applies to the models sold there. The Chinese manufacturer does not have a large catalog: two SUVs, one city car, one compact, two sedans and one minivan. If the Tang, the 100% electric SUV, seems like the ideal vehicle to represent the brand in Europe, BYD might as well try to adapt or even overtake its main competitors.


In fact, the manufacturer may be tempted to launch the Han, its rival Tesla Model 3 sedan. With 605 km of autonomy, 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and a fairly high level of equipment. Another possibility: BYD could bring the EA1 to the European market, its electric compact that aims for 1,000 km of autonomy. In a compact market, this model, which inaugurates the manufacturer’s new platform as well as a new cell technology on its battery, would have many advantages.

New contender, old ways

If BYD’s attention is obvious, its method surprises. At a time when more and more manufacturers are abandoning car shows (Audi, Toyota, BMW or Hyundai/Kia will not be present at the Paris Motor Show), the Chinese manufacturer sees this as the best possible way to break new ground. Granted, the brand’s lack of awareness may dictate this type of strategy to it, but this isn’t the choice made by the majority of other Asian manufacturers aiming to arrive in Europe in the coming months.

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