Bonus of €185 for the French: here are those affected by this aid!

The economic situation in France is alarming. That is why the government is striving for it by all means support households the humblest. Recently the state introduced one Activity bonus reassessment. We explain you all the details in this article.

The modernization that has become necessary

The Drees and the CAF conducted a study some time ago. Their goal was to determine whether a re-evaluation of the activity bonus would have a positive effect. It really is. Indeed, the increase in aid will allow beneficiaries to replenish their funds. Especially thatan increase of more than 100 euros is planned.

The beneficiaries concerned are the persons who earn minimum wage. Especially this one “whose income is between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per month”. Thanks to the reform, the latter have the opportunity to conceive Up to 300 euros per month.

“Between the so-called ‘without reform’ situation and the ‘real’ situation, the number of households benefiting from the activity bonus increases by 37%,” CAF and DREES report.

Reasons to upgrade

Two reasons led to this this sharp rise : increasing recourse claims and opening up rights to new households. For families who are entitled to the bonus even without reform, the upgrade is even more fun.

fact is that 86% from them “see the amount of your activity bonus increase”. An estimated increase “at an average of 70 euros per month”.

The study conducted by the CAF and the DREEs made it possible to establish:

  • For a single parent with a dependent child and an income of 1.2 SMIC, the activity bonus increases by 90 euros a month.
  • For a couple both earning minimum wage: everyone benefitsIncrease of 90 euros per month. So together they will be able to perceive “Up to 180 euros additional activity bonus per month”.

“Out of 100 PA beneficiaries in 2019: 90 winners of the reform and 10 unaffected. 27 winners because without reform no beneficiaries (17 would not have been eligible and 10 would not have resorted to it), said Fabrice Lenglart, director of the Drees.

The Rights to the Activity Bonus

The activity bonus was introduced in 2016 financial support is aimed at student employees, the self-employed and trainees. The CAF pays them to encourage the most vulnerable workers to return to work.

To be eligible for the activity bonus in France, you must respect certain eligibility criteria.

Here you are :

  • Income must not exceed the ceiling set by the CAF
  • Have French nationality
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Do you have a residence card or residence permit if you are a foreign national
  • Do you live in metropolitan France or in the overseas departments

It should be noted that the assignment of this help takes place monthly. Its height also varies according to family composition.

In addition, it is possible to estimate your entitlements to the activity bonus thanks an online simulator. This simulator is free and you can use it whether you are a beneficiary or not.

Regarding Premium payment, it follows the same principle as the RSA. This means that beneficiaries must declare their income every three months. They must also inform the CAF or the MSA of their situation.

Here are the resources to be informed during the declaration:

  • Professional income (internship income, salary, etc.)
  • So-called replacement income (maintenance, sick pay, disability pension)
  • The housing package

Calculation of the activity bonus

The amount of the activity bonus depends on the income of the household. When calculating, the CAF takes into account:

  • Income from capital or property
  • Salary (we do not take working time into account, only income)
  • social care
  • replacement allowances

It should be noted that employees paid at minimum wage are not necessarily eligible for the activity bonus. For this reason, an increase in subsidies in 2019 did not affect the earnings of certain workers who were paid at the minimum wage.

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