Peugeot 408. What do 308 and 3008 owners think?

With the 408, Peugeot is investing in a new segment, that of the crossover, and is setting out to conquer new customers. What about the current owners? Would you be willing to buy it? To find out, the L’argus editorial team invited three owners of the brand’s models to the lion.

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Peugeot loaned us a 408 for a preview of 3 Lion branded model owners.

Matthieu Meheust / L’argus

Who better than a Peugeot owner to judge… a Peugeot? A few days after the official launch of the new 408, the editors of The Argus grabbed the keys to a crossover submit it to the judgment of three owners of models of the Lion brand: Ronan, owner of a 2018 3008 GT Line, Justine, owner of a 2019 Peugeot 308 GT Line and Renaud, owner of a 2020 5008 Allure.

A style that pleases

If our three protagonists appreciate the design of their respective models, to listen to them, the Peugeot 408 will not leave you indifferent. Ronan thinks she’s “pretty and aggressive,” Renaud thinks she’s “quite out of character in her lineage,” while Justine says she’s “destabilized” by her look that’s halfway between a sedan and an SUV. It is precisely this positioning that Ronan finds “interesting”. Renaud is seduced by this “fastback” profile and Justine “adores” the little cat ears and the spoiler, which she finds “aggressive and imposing”. Ronan also has a crush on this spoiler, which gives the 408 a “very racy look”. With such a strong stylistic bias, the crossover should surely turn heads on each of its outings. Let’s see what our owners think of the interior of this Peugeot.

A livability that surprises

Since we were in the back of the vehicle, we stay there and open the trunk. The tailgate, which is automatic on this GT version, is appreciated by Renaud, who also finds the opening wide and therefore particularly noteworthy. Justine, on the other hand, finds this tablet attached to the rear window just as “clever” as the pull tabs on either side of the bars, which allow the seat backs to be folded down in no time at all. However, Ronan, who appreciates the low loading threshold, finds that the trunk does not offer enough volume for his needs. An observation shared by Renaud, especially on this rechargeable hybrid version whose capacity is also reduced by the presence of the Focal audio system. In the back seats, everyone welcomes the spaciousness. The considerable space afforded between the legs and at the height of the protective grille up to the roof is suitable for the largest templates.

In the driver’s position, our three owners say “not to be out of place”. However, the arrival of a larger touchpad and a more responsive multimedia system are welcomed. You’ll also appreciate that the automatic transmission’s imposing Cobra shifter has been removed with a small lever. This saves storage space, but above all tidies up the center console. Note that the 408 is only offered with automatic transmissions and petrol engines: classic or chargeable hybrid.

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Peugeot 408 rear wheel drive

The rear of the 408 splits. This black plastic growth is not always unanimous.

Matthieu Meheust / L’argus

So are they buying or not?

Now that we’re behind the wheel, it’s time to take stock for our three “beta testers”. Overall, the Peugeot 408 seduces you, especially in terms of design, habitability and equipment. Renaud says he’s “pleasantly surprised” and Justine finds her “very attractive”. However, the young woman finds the size of the 408 “too impressive” for everyday urban life. “Even if it’s only €2,000 more expensive than a 308*, I’d rather stick with a small car,” she assures us.

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Peugeot 408 drives

The Peugeot 408 will go on sale in January 2023.

Matthieu Meheust / L’argus

For his part, Ronan admits that “if he didn’t have any compulsions” he could be seduced. As for Renaud, if he didn’t have “a big family” (definitely), he would have been tempted. Almost a full box for the latest creation from the Peugeot workshops! And you, what do you say to that? To judge, see you in concessions in January 2023 or at the Paris Motor Show, where the crossover will play the stars on the Peugeot stand from October 17 to 23, 2022.

*according to our estimates


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