Energy Voucher: Engie announces a significant discount for these special profile customers!

For several months now, inflation has been upsetting the habits of the French. In fact, the prices of the products are increasing significantly. The same goes for fuel, products of all kinds, in short, life has gotten tougher financially. So economy and government Try to help the French through the offer discounts or helper. This is the case of Engie, we explain everything to you here.

Engie is concerned

The humblest households are the main concern for government and other brands looking to help. Thus, Engie undertakes to offer a discount to all households considered to be the most humble. For this reason, in next Novemberthe subsidiary wants to grant an average discount of 100 euros. And that per customer who benefits from the Engie-Check. This information was revealed by the group’s general manager, Catherine MacGregor, during an interview with Le Parisien last Thursday.

She says during the latter “We are aware of the inflationary reality and concerned about the difficulties encountered by our customers, be they households or industrialists.“. On the other hand, this measure is not free for Engie. In fact, allocating such a sum to so many people raises the score to nearly €90 million. But overall it would be close 880,000 customers who can be helped during this difficult time.

Energy voucher: “A civic gesture to help our customers”

But Engie isn’t content with just helping low-income households. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises will also benefit from aid. This is how a fund of Support of 60 million euros seems meant for her. Engie’s aim is to “give them access to the guarantees they need to buy energy,” even topayment options when they have trouble paying the bills‘ Catherine MacGregor told the Ile-de-France daily.

According to the director-general, however, at the moment this aid does not seem to have sparked a debate in parliament about introducing a tax on the profits of large corporations. She wants to say that “It is above all a civic gestureto help our customers. (…) engineering does not produce gas, but buys it and resells it at the market price. So there is none no additional profit“.

Many rumors had been circulating on Twitter, including possible power outages without financial compensation. But all of these rumors have been largely denied. Should power outages occur, it is clear that these will remain under control and for short periods of time. Regarding possible cuts in gas supplies with Gazprom, Engie assures: “been working on different scenarios for some time”. No matter in which situation, We secure the quantities that we need to serve our customers this winter“.

But it also explains the need for a energy sobriety“. This should be done now to avoid problems this winter. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual to pay attention to their consumption. Whether due to ecological concerns or lack of food.

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