Restaurant tickets, table vouchers: You can buy this with your restaurant vouchers!

With the current economic context in France, everything is becoming more expensive. And eat like that. The government is considering raising the caps on restaurant cards and other meal allowances. In the meantime, here’s something You can buy with them.

meal vouchers

If restaurant tickets were originally created, staff should be allowed to do so eat good meals. So simple that only real restaurants accept them, soon all kinds of restaurants accepted them. And now the wide spread. The ceiling for restaurant tickets had even gone up 38 euros Encourage employees to go to the restaurant.

As a rule, half of it is financed by the employer and half by the employee. Today, the limit for restaurant tickets is 19 euros, but the government is considering increase to 25 eurosto match current prices.

Possible purchases

If you can pay anywhere in terms of restaurants, delivery apps also accept this payment method. In the case of large distribution, however, the situation is different. The National Commission for Restaurant Vouchers informed that “When we opened the system to supermarkets, several commitments were made“. For this reason, a control device was set up. Not all products are eligible for this payment method. Only the ones to eat. In fact, the main purpose of restaurant cards must be respected. It’s not shopping, however to eat well. Thus certain products are available according to certain categories.

Products eligible for restaurant cards

Fresh product

In the fresh products purchasable with the balance meal vouchers and other auxiliaries of this kind we find cured meats. But also dairy desserts, cheese, yoghurt, fruit or vegetables, milk, ready meals, processed fish, mixed salads, snacks, pies, quiches, pizza, caterers. You can also find prepared meat, freshly processed meat or canned meat.


Just like fresh produce, we can find the same style of produce that can be purchased with restaurant tickets. For example snacks, ready meals, fish, frozen foods other than desserts and sorbets, but also pies, quiches, pizzas or even prepared or processed meats.

some rules

On the other hand, when it comes to drinks, Farewell to alcohol with meal cards. At the same time it is understandable. Basically her are used to pay for lunch on workdays. Therefore, employers or the state will not encourage the French to work drunk. But alcohol isn’t the only thing forbidden. In fact, you typically cannot buy ice cream, sherbets, pastries, unprocessed meat or fish, pasta, rice, starches, or other grocery products.

Since restaurant cards are usually for lunch, they cannot be used Sundays and holidays. Also, you should only use them in the department you work in. But many people have noticed that this rule doesn’t seem to be followed in many places. If a supermarket doesn’t respect the law and decides to sell you a banned product, they can lose their license. As a matter of fact, he signs an agreement with the CNTR which obliges him to respect this law.

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