Gasoline in France soon cheaper than in Belgium? When the trend reverses

As we know, inflation has a huge impact on households. This applies in particular to petrol and diesel. Motorists are therefore looking for the cheapest gas station. For a long time it was in Belgium. But that may not be the case anymore.

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From September 1st, the price of petrol in France will drop to EUR 1.50 per litre. This reduced price is possible thanks to a tax reduction decided by the French State and a reduction granted by TotalEnergies at its petrol stations. It’s a 30 cent reduction that is eventually applied by the state. For its part, TotalEnergies has announced that it will reduce the price per liter at its petrol stations by 20 cents.

In Belgium, everything indicates that these prices will not be maintained … At best, the state could lower taxes by 9.5 centimes. However, the TotalEnergies Group is not planning any reduction there for the time being. Many Belgians are already planning to refuel in France.

Generally cheaper in France

However, before that the situation was reversed. If the stereotype of cheaper petrol seems to still exist in Belgium for now, it doesn’t seem so true anymore. In most cases, petrol 95 (E10) and diesel (B7) are already a few cents cheaper in France.

Mouscron and Wattrelos are less than ten kilometers apart. A ridiculous distance for most Mouscronnois, who would certainly not hesitate to refuel on the other side of the border. This is not very interesting for gasoline 95 (E10). In Mouscron post this week the cheapest gas stations (Gabriëls, PMO and Shell Express), €1,759 of the liter, against €1,746 per liter at Wattrelos, at E.Leclerc a difference of one cent.

On the other hand, the difference in the price of diesel is noticeable (B7). It is displayed at €1,872 per liter at Gabriëls, PMO and Shell Express, while E.Leclerc offers this fuel at €1,786 per liter.

Tournai and Saint Amand les Eaux are more distant communities, about twenty kilometers apart. But some motorists will certainly be willing to tackle those few kilometers. On one side, in Tournai, shows the cheapest gas station (Esso). €1,803 per liter for gasoline 95 (E10) and €1,903 liters for diesel (B7). With us, petrol only costs 95 (E10). €1,708 liters and diesel (B7) €1,773 per liter.

The situation is not the same Comines-Warneton and Armentieres. With us the difference is smaller. Diesel (B7) costs €1,879 per liter at Gabrëls in Warneton, against €1,870 at the crossing of Armentières. With petrol 95 (E10), on the other hand, the situation is reversed. Gabriels at Warneton poster €1,769 per liter, while Esso Express counts in Armentières €1,821 of the liter.

One E.Leclerc share

This price difference can be explained in particular by the promotion currently being carried out by the E.Leclerc brand. For a few days, the retail store decided to repeat its action on the price of gasoline. From July 28th to 30th, E.Leclerc is offering petrol at cost.

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