Uber drivers can choose their ride based on destination and price

By giving them more decision-making power, the American company hopes to bring back many drivers who left during the pandemic.

Uber will give its drivers the ability to choose their rides by destination and price, a feature drivers have long been asking for. A prospective rider’s request now includes the amount the driver will earn if they accept it and the destination. “Drivers can more easily decide if a trip is worth the time and effort” assures the platform for booking cars with a driver (VTC) in a press release published on Friday.

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Uber is locked in a long-term battle to prove that the economic model it’s creating, driven by “gig economy(gig economy), economically and socially viable. Driver self-employment status, essential to this model, is being contested in many countries and US states. The new query format was tested in several cities this year and will roll out across the United States in the coming months, the statement said.

Uber assures that the tests have also been positive for the passengers,”with more trips and fewer waiting times“. Many drivers feel they have the downsides of independence without the benefits.

Bring back the drivers

The San Francisco-based company previously tried similar options during the campaign for California’s 2020 referendum on driver status. Contractor status caught on, but many drivers then criticized the group for doing away with or stripping away the features that gave them more independence.

Uber has struggled to bring its drivers back in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic to meet high demand. In May, the company announced that it would invest more in its offering for drivers. Friday’s release mentions a new tool, “trip radar’, allowing riders to see a list of other nearby races,’to have the opportunity to choose another one that works better for them“. The VTC giant will also offer them a bank card with the benefits that come with it, especially to save on the sharp increase in the price of fuel.

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