Seine et Marne. In Gretz-Armainvilliers, these tenants feel let down by their landlord

The “Gambetta” bar shows scars ©JL/RSM77

You are exhausted. For many months, or even for some longer, the residents of the bar “Gambetta” in Gretz-Armainvilliers (Seine-et-Marne), which borders the water tower and no longer tolerates the N4.

“Everything falls apart without anything being done. People are wondering whether to stay or not. With these words, Jacques Emile, local CLCV representativethe association Verbraucher Wohnen Wohnen doesn’t mince words, which it describes as “real sacrifices by social landlords”.

Because for him, like many other tenants we met while writing this article, the cup is full. “There are so many problems here. And every time it takes time. Even too much. It happens quite regularly that we don’t have any answers to our inquiries, and sometimes it takes a dramatic turn,” he points out, referring to the most recent “big problem” that of the boiler room, which was finally repaired a month after the date, when it was due to enter service, early November 2021.

“I’m still waiting for an answer”

At the beginning of the summer, the tenants decided to sound the alarm to report any problems they are facing. Some indicate moisture problems. This is especially true for Lionel, whose apartment is plagued by these kinds of problems. “It’s even worse. These are real infiltrations! he grumbles, pointing to the ceiling of his bathroom and the pipe, which is showing signs of rust. We are not immune to the fact that one day water will flow from its rust spots.”

Renter for more than 20 years, he claims to have already contacted the landlord’s services. “I’m still waiting for an answer,” he said.

Infiltrations were found
Infiltrations were found in some apartments ©JL/RSM77

In an apartment a few floors down, Didier says he “doesn’t want to go out on his balcony anymore” because of the “crumbling walls.” In fact, the facade was flaking off at various points in the building. “You have confidence when you see this on the walls of your home,” asks the CLCV representative.

And in the case of the latter, the complaints are still long, citing “the poor insulation of the building” or even a slow pruning of the trees. “People are quickly left in the dark during the day. You almost have to turn the light on again,” he says.

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At the heart of this harsh criticism is the Lebaudy Foundation. The latter is responsible for the social landlord for the bar with 40 residential units. its general manager, Agnes BladoShe wants to make it clear: “We didn’t let these tenants down,” she chanted.

In support of her comments, she cites in particular the recent establishment of a post of migratory warden who visits the site every two weeks. “He’s met almost a dozen people there,” she says.

Before we continue: “We do everything we can to listen to them. At their request, we also checked the general conditions for the cleaning system. The same goes for the rubbish bins, which no longer had a lid. They were replaced in June.

improve communication

Other projects requested by the residents are being implemented successively, such as changing mailboxes. “By September it will be ready” guaranteed by the Lebaudy Foundation.

If there are any questions about the condition of the facades, the landlord would like to reassure the residents. “We will request investment for this operation. Waterproof and durable resins are applied to repair these iron shocks. Work is scheduled to begin in the last quarter.

Finally, Agnès Bladou insists on one thing. “Maybe not everything is perfect, but we have the opportunity to improve, especially in terms of communication with local residents. Therefore, we will consider setting a fixed date for the visiting guardian’s visit. He is a quality person with more than five years of experience. But the local residents still have to get through it.”

Tenants are now waiting for these promises to become concrete. CLCV members visited the community, which conducted a site visit on July 12. “If nothing moves we’ll knock even higher ‘ they promise.

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