Fuel: Some brands offer an additional discount for fuel!

While the government is making a gesture of 18 cents per liter to road users, some brands have decided to do even more. France is currently tightening its belts, so that some citizens are turning down jobs so as not to ruin themselves on fuel. If the traffic remains intense, it is only associated with the summer holidays that make the French hit the road. TotalEnergies has been offering a discount of 12 cents on the price of petrol since the beginning of July. After August 31, you must remove the banknotes from your wallet. The diesel giant only grants this help in the summer and holiday months, so that nobody is left standing on the side of the road. Then TotalEnergie thinks about a discount, which will not exceed 10 cents.

Leclerc and Casino sell gasoline at cost price!

Leclerc has started a tank operation since last week. In fact, the retail giant has decided not to make a margin on the fuel and sell it at cost. However, Michel-Edouard Leclerc regrets the new climate law that will ban advertising for fossil fuels from August 22, 2022. The Big Boss demands that the measure introduced be lifted, at least temporarily. He wants inflation to be stopped before he implements the climate law in his shops. The French need to take a deep breath and Leclerc has heard the people’s wishes.

A liter of petrol costs 85 cents in casino shops. A measure introduced for the weekends, but which the brand wanted to renew until the end of the summer. However, the consumer receives the difference in the form of vouchers. Buy vouchers that can only be used for races with a minimum amount of 100 euros. Refund vouchers will be distributed every weekend until the end of August. You should know that in early September the purchasing power measures the government is working on will finally be known. The National Assembly is currently examining all the proposals, around 1,000, that could give the French breathing space.

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