Metamask Update: Why It Changes Everything for Your Cryptos and NFTs

You should never sign before you see the devil – Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about it chop a platform, a discord server or any project. Often these hacks have one thing in common: a user clicks on a link or validates and signs a transaction without even reading it. Metamask updates its app to help you.

The Fuchs purse plays it safe

metamaskwhich is one of the most famous and certainly most used web wallets today, cannot block transactions to you. But he can to warn about the fact that what you are about to authorize can potentially pose a very great risk.

That NFT are in 2022 what the Challenge was in 2021. Word gets around, every day millions of dollars are exchanged for small pictures, beautiful or ugly, expensive or not. And every day millions of dollars are stolen vulnerabilities or fraudulent projects, to which the user has granted rights without knowing it.

metamaskwhich is mainly used to validate these transactions has therefore decided to bet on prevention to help users not to validate what could be dangerous.

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An update to raise awareness, but it’s up to you to be careful

Therefore now transactions of the type ” Set approval for everyone ‘, which can be translated as ‘grant approval to all’ are highlighted in bold so that the information ‘ Tilt in the user’s mind.

Metamask Crypto Wallet warns users of the risks of approving a transaction that grants access to all funds
Metamask’s new validation cannot be overlooked – Twitter

In fact, with this type of approval, you authorize the smart contract requesting access, to come and use in your wallet. Either immediately or whenever they feel like it, since the majority of users do not revoke granted permissions.

Of course, this update will not prevent your wallet from being skimmed, but the fact that your attention will be drawn and, most importantly, you will be able to understand what rights you will be assigned is a real step towards security.
Metamask is leading the process and hopes that others will follow and that wallets and platforms will evolve in this direction so that you and we are aware of what we are risking by accepting a transaction.

Security is important and, unfortunately, is often taken lightly. The best way to protect yourself a flight or fraud is to be trained and informed. The more the user masters what he does, validates and uses, the lower the risks.

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