Supermarket: How to make money with your receipt!

Once in front of the supermarket checkout you have two ways of thinking. Do you want to keep the tickets safe or throw them away? These two attitudes will soon find their accounts. We’re taking stock to help you find a way to reduce your spending!

Usefulness of Receipts

In 2023, tickets will no longer be automatically printed. Shops only issue receipts upon customer request. However, it is good to know one thing.

When shopping, there are several reasons to want a receipt. One of the reasons for applying for your ticket is: you can make money with it.

First of all, the receipt testifies to your purchase in the supermarket. In addition, it is very useful for Fulfill warranties and refund defective products.

It can also be used to refund part of your purchase. To do this, you can use mobile applications. In fact, you can save about 47 euros a week with this little trick.

The trick to getting reimbursed for the “satisfied or refunded” guarantees

With certain brands, the Satisfied or Refund offer guarantees your purchase. This suggestion turns out to be interesting if you know how to use it in your supermarket purchases.

Even if the conditions differ from brand to brand, they are often similar. In fact, the brands set terms and conditions for the offer to be effective.

To be able to benefit from You have to justify your purchase at the supermarket with a receipt. You must also provide your bank details and your identity. You must also justify your dissatisfaction in a few lines.

In order to take advantage of the offer, you must submit this information within the specified period. This means that the faster they receive your data, the faster your request will be processed.

Applications to save money on supermarket tickets

shopmium is the most popular shopping refund app. Simply send a photo of the receipt after shopping in the supermarket. You will then receive a refund of the relevant product via bank transfer.

iGraal Market is the app that leads the way in cashback. “iGraal Market” allows you to pay for part of your purchase against a snapshot of your receipt. It turns out that users of this application can save up to €47 per week.

Keetiz allows partial refunds. Guests receive discounts for restaurants and shopping in local shops or supermarkets.

The network “Coupon Network” can also refund part of your purchase. Sometimes you can benefit from bonuses. You can earn up to 20 cents for taking a quiz.

It works like other apps. Shop, scan your ticket and make money in your bank account.

Finally, rate like its analogues, reimburses online purchases that you make in the supermarket. Like other mobile apps, scan the receipt and return it within 48 hours to get paid.

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