Smic, Livret A, health restrictions… Here’s everything that changes on August 1st

Minimum wage, Livret A, health restrictions… Several changes are taking place this Monday, August 1st. CNEWS describes the most important ones.

The reassessed minimum wage

The minimum wage rose 2.01% on August 1 amid rising prices. This increases it from EUR 1,302.64 net to EUR 1,329 net per month for full-time employment. Meanwhile, the hourly minimum wage is changing from EUR 8.58 to EUR 8.76.

This re-evaluation is done automatically. In fact, the Labor Code provides for an increase in the minimum wage if the consumer price index increases by at least 2% compared to the index observed when it was last set, which is currently the case. This is the fourth re-evaluation of the Smic in less than a year, the last dated May 1st.

The Livret A rate at 2%

On August 1, the Livret A rate doubled to 2%, the highest rate in almost a decade. Sparbuch A had already been revised in February from 0.5% to 1%.

This revision follows that of the People’s Savings Book (LEP), which goes from 2.2% to 4.6%. The latter is reserved for people whose income does not exceed a certain limit.

The end of the emergency measures against Covid-19

A new health law will come into force on August 1st. The government will no longer have the right to restrict travel or introduce a health passport without Parliament’s approval. Exceptional measures against Covid-19 are coming to an end. The Scientific Council is also dissolved. He could be replaced by a new team of advisors in the future.

The index point for officials reassessed

Good news for officials: the index point is increased by 3.5%. This reassessment applies retrospectively to July 1st, so those affected will only see the changes on their payslips from this month of August.

The index point is used to calculate the salaries of civil servants and civil servants. That’s the biggest increase since 1985.

Increased social benefits

Parliament approved increases of 4% in several social benefits. Affected are: the activity bonus, family allowances, the active solidarity income (RSA) or the disability allowance (AAH). As with the index point, these re-evaluations apply retrospectively.

The extended tank discount

The discount of 18 cents per liter of petrol will finally be maintained in August. Automatically levied at petrol stations, it even rises to 30 cents per liter in September. From November 1st it will fall again to 10 cents. This discount was chosen to curb rising prices at the pump.

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