Fuel: These brands offer an additional fuel discount, find out!

Although the government is already offering a discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel, some brands want to do even more. As a matter of fact, Despite the 18 cents, the fuel price remains exorbitant. In fact, the French have been tightening their belts for several months. Some even start thinking that going to work is no longer worth it because of the gas prices. Although traffic on the road is still heavy, this is mainly due to the public holidays.

Total Energies the cheapest fuel

The Total Energies brand has been added since the beginning of July a discount of 12 cents per liter of fuel Bought. But after August, this discount will be ended. In fact, the brand does not grant this help only in summer. The goal was that everyone should still be able to go on vacation without breaking the bank too much. A help appreciated but missed when it’s over. Even though the label has planned to scrap this subsidy of 12 cents per liter of fuel, it plans to keep another subsidy. The giant would like to be able to continue this with a discount will not exceed 10 cents this time.

Leclerc and Casino at cost price?

Leclerc and fuel

It’s been a week since major brand Leclerc launched a new operation to help its customers. To reduce the price of fuel, the brand offers it at cost price. Leclerc doesn’t arrive that way no profit margin Fuel economy, but at least allows motorists to drive more cheaply. But Michel-Edouard Leclerc complains about that new climate law banning advertising for fossil fuels from August 22, 2022. He therefore calls for a temporary suspension of this measure. He wants that inflation stops before this new climate law is implemented. In fact, Leclerc understood that the French need help financially and the brand wants Bring them.


The fuel is also cheaper in the casino brand stores. Normally a liter of petrol costs 85 cents at the weekend. But the brand wants to be able to extend this help until the end of the summer. On the other hand, the consumer doesn’t really pay 85 cents. In fact, he recovers the difference in coupons. In this way, the motorist can use up to 100 euros vouchers in the casino shop. Even if it still costs money to pay at the pump, it also saves when you go shopping. A help that remains of course noteworthy. Thus, the refund vouchers will be distributed every weekend until the end of August.

Normally, by the beginning of September, we should finally know what measures have been decided in the draft law purchasing power. The fuel aid is, of course, still eagerly awaited. The bill is currently in the National Assembly. The latter still examines all proposals that are more than a thousand. you have for Aim to make life easier for the French.

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