With the Gendarmerie’s Alpine A110, the four wheels end in the air in the Meuse

A Gendarmerie Alpine A110 was decommissioned just a few months after delivery. The fault of a traffic accident on a highway in the Meuse. Explanations.

The Alpine A110 Gendarmerie has just experienced its first road trip. This is the first officially recorded accident of this type since deliveries were made to the various brigades. These real racing cars allow officers to conduct wiretapping operations at very high speeds.

circumstances still unknown

It was a motorist who was driving on the A4 motorway near Fresne en Woëvre (Maas) and saw the accident, he reported news. The latter photographed the gendarmes’ Alpine A110 in a very bad posture. The photo was posted on social networks and caused a stir. In the background you can see the police car, all four wheels in the air and two skid marks.

On Twitter, the deputy general manager of the brand did not fail to comment on the accident and recommend real training for the gendarmes. “The Alpine is easy to drive, but above a certain speed the gendarmes should be properly trained…”, he started.

The exact circumstances of the accident were not yet known as of Sunday, July 31. But after initial information from argus, it would be a car of the brigade of the Verdun motorway train in the Meuse. These cars are regularly used by the gendarmes to fight serious traffic offences.

Fight against excessive speed

The cars have been delivered to 26 French departments since the beginning of the year. They constitute the gradual renewal of the fleet of French gendarmes. In the Hérault, the EDSR 34 is in charge of driving the car.

“The role of the Rapid Response Team is to lead all rapid response operations. It has two experienced pilots who have received specific training with extremely thorough selection. In addition, in the Hérault, they are the only two pilots qualified to drive this Alpine in an operational situation “, explained in May the commander Sébastien Bruche at the helm of the EDSR 34 in Midi Libre.

And to specify the primary interest of the Alpines: “Their core business is combating excessive speeds, mainly on the motorway network, in particular a device to intercept a fugitive.”

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