This big mistake that all motorists make increases fuel consumption!

In fact, with fuel prices soaring, we should make the most of every drop of fuel we put in our cars. Find out now how you can save fuel with a simple gesture. That’s why you then you save a lot of money. Fuel consumption is a crucial factor when buying a car. Everyone is looking for ways to save fuel and therefore money. Here is a recommended action that can enable you to do this reduce your consumption.

Save fuel with tire pressure

One of the most common and easiest to fix problems is tire pressure. Proper tire pressure helps the vehicle go faster. Check your car’s manual for the correct pressure and all the specific information you need. Not Monitor tire pressure can cost you dearly. Many drivers travel with under-inflated tires. And that not only poses a real danger on the road, but also consumes more fuel.

Lower pressure than the manufacturer’s recommendation means the tire will lose air and wear out faster. The car also drives slower due to rolling resistance. This requires more fuel to move the vehicle. It can even cost up to 10% more fuel. An under-inflated tire can sometimes be dangerous, especially on wet roads where the risk of skidding is much higher. Insufficient pressure can even cause the tire to lose air, detach from the rim or burst.

More savings tips

A neat air filter

It goes without saying that theUse of air conditioning of the car implies low fuel consumption. It is therefore necessary to know the most economical way to use it. The first thing to check is the condition of the air filter. In poor condition, engine performance drops and fuel consumption increases.

Maintaining a constant speed saves fuel

In order to achieve maximum fuel economy, irregular driving must be avoided at all costs. You must drive at a constant speed without accelerating, braking or shifting abruptly. If you follow all these precautions, you can do this keep a constant speedwhich significantly reduces your fuel consumption.

Switch off the engine for longer stops

Idling has many disadvantages. In fact, the car heats up, the engine deteriorates over time, and a large amount of fuel is released. Turn off the engine sometimes a minimal but significant saving can be achieved over the long term. To convince you, a car idling consumes 0.5 l/h.

fuel gauge and cruise control

Maintaining your pace by activating cruise control allows you to do so maintain a constant speed on long journeys. And to use less fuel. If the cruise control is activated at high speed, the engine revs more to maintain a stable speed. And that at the expense of fuel consumption. It is therefore better to accelerate when necessary and maintain a steady speed.

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