The 3 household appliances you should NEVER forget before going on vacation!

While the Juliites enjoy their last holiday moments in the sun, on the beach or in the mountains, the Augustians get their things ready. The suitcases are becoming more and more numerous. And this in order to take it from the vacationers. So if you’re one of those people, listen up. Before leaving there are a few devices Devices that need to be unplugged before you leave the house. This also avoids the potential fire hazard in your home while you are away… Not only are you acting for the planet, but your electric bill will thank you!

Unplug the fridge for the holidays

Going on vacation can always be a good idea. And that up to the moment when you have to pack your bags, load the car with everything you need and leave the house. Those final moments can seem endless and stressful. Therefore, it does not seem advisable to add stress with costly energy consumption. So if you are traveling for several days or even several weeks, it is better Unplug the fridge and freezer. It goes without saying that it must be emptied beforehand. And don’t forget to defrost the freezer to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return.

The hot water tank

It seems less common to think about the hot water tank before going on vacation. However, this is not nonsense. Remember to cut the ball well on the well-deserved vacation. In fact, according to the major electricity company EDF, it represents ” one of the most energy-intensive household appliances. It accounts for between 11 and 15% of household electricity or gas consumption. Which is by no means negligible in terms of possible savings. So don’t forget cut the hot water tank this summer before leaving your home.

The internet box is of no use to you on holiday

Most geeks among us know that an internet box consumes a lot of energy. The consumption can be up to 200 kWh/year, which is equivalent to a washing machine. And washing machines are still big consumers of energy. It is therefore important not to leave it switched on when you are away. In any case, The internet box is not used during your vacation. Well, as much as she takes time off, just like you.

Watch out for devices in sleep mode

That’s it! You will now have peace of mind if you going on vacation this summer. You leave the hotel knowing that your utility bills won’t weigh on your pockets. The three electrical devices consume a lot of energy. And that even if they remain on standby. However, these are absolutely not the only devices that consume too much. Actually everyone Devices consume when left on standby. So there’s nothing better for your savings than unplugging your devices before heading on vacation. Whether it’s the TV, the computer or the microwave. All these devices consume energy and therefore money. And nowadays with Inflation and the current situationthere are no small economies.

Kaddouri Ismail

I am Ismail from Morocco, I work as a blogger and online marketer. I am also the founder of the “Mofid” site, in which I constantly publish many important articles in the field of technology, taking advantage of more than 5 years of experience working in the field. I focus on publishing in a group of areas, the most important of which are programming, e-marketing, digital currencies and freelance work.

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