The Citroën C15, the perfect low-budget motorhome?

In the UK, the Citroen C15 enjoys some popularity… as a motorhome. Two companies have transformed the commercial vehicle into a recreational vehicle in the long career of this utility vehicle, achievements that are occasionally very accessible.



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Many Citroën C15s have been converted into camper vans in the UK.


Long before the current craze for camper vans and other vehicle-based RVs that you wouldn’t believe were actually made, a few companies had specialized in converting passenger cars or light commercial vehicles into RVs. . The companies Romahome and Nu Venture, for example, worked for years on the Citroën C15 and Your achievements are now available second-hand at very attractive prices. The only condition: deal with a steering wheel on the right side, these two transformers are British.

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Citroën C15 motorhome door

The Citroën Utility is significantly longer.


C15 motorhomes from 4,000 to 12,000 euros

For just £3,995 (€4,778), for example, a Romahome-optimized C15 is available in East England in March. This example from 1992 has 91,000 miles on the odometer, so almost 150,000 km and has been technically checked according to the seller. The cabin includes two benches/bunks facing each other, a faucet with a sink, a fridge and a cooktop. A similar example but from 2004, with only 110,240km on the clock and priced at £9,900 (€11,839) on the same site: Autotrader.

An international “C15 phenomenon”?

A 1992 C15 Romahome with replaced engine and ‘new’ mechanicals with 31,033 miles (49,943 km) is auctioned on Ebay from £4,000 (€4,783). It is located in Hereford in the west of England. Nu Venture models are less common but occasionally appear on UK classifieds sites. The Citroën C15 is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity in FranceWouldn’t it be surprising if these “camping” verses had some followers in our region.

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Citroen C15 white camper van

The two main processors of C15 were Romahome and Nu Venture.



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