Engie offers a discount of 100 euros: who can benefit from this new measure?

Fuel: Brands offer an additional fuel discount, which you can discover right here! Times are tough for the French, who are seeing petrol prices skyrocket, petrol exploding and the prices of certain everyday items soaring. The thriftiest are looking for bargains. Like this great news announced by the boss of the Engie group. In fact, during an interview with The Parisian, Catherine MacGregor revealed her plan to introduce a discount of 100 euros on average to her customers… But not everything! Because 880,000 people will be affected by this measure. Aimed at anticipating the arrival of winter, the price of heating is heavily influenced by the war in Ukraine. The French newspaper reminded that Russia will reduce its gas supplies to Europe, “which will be no more than 20% of the capacity of its Nord Stream gas pipeline”.

Engie offers its customers a discount of 100 euros

In the media columns, Engie boss Catherine MacGregor was particularly optimistic. “Restocking in France is progressing well. We’re at 77% now and will be at 95%, even 100% by the end of the year., she said first. But the CEO was aware of rising gas prices and decided to give some of her clients a boost. 880,000 people will be able to benefit from an average discount of 100 euros. “Aware of the inflationary reality”, Engie will grant this discount to the beneficiaries of the Energy Check. In addition to this allowance, they receive an additional reduction of 100 euros. “We will offer all our customers who benefit, that is 880,000 people, a surcharge on the energy voucher distributed by the government,” the businesswoman explained to the newspaper.

Before you add the cost of this solidarity measure “amounts to 90 million euros for Engie”. But what then “The Energy Check” and do you benefit from it? It is an aid set up by the French government in 2018. It is a gas and energy bill payment facility reserved for households whose annual tax income is less than 10,800 euros. According to the National Consumer Institute, the beneficiaries will receive a maximum subsidy of 277 euros. If you add the announced 100 euro discount, you get a nice reduction in the bill. Engie also wants to help small businesses start up “Support fund of 60 million euros”said Catherine MacGregor. A fund that facilitates the payment of companies in difficulty.

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