Purchasing Power: Here is the Supermarket that will give you incredible savings on the races!

Everyone saves money in these times, though inflation is raging. We count every cent, we want to avoid any form of waste. However, this often turns out to be a headache. The custom that says to save says to give up certain needs. But there is another trick that saves money even with falling purchasing power. it is know which store to choose to do his shopping.

Purchasing power: a simple but effective trick

inflation is a common problem among many French at the moment. And with the beginning of the new school year, everything gets complicated. Although the government offers various help to households, saving tips are always welcome. Among the tricks used by the French are Supermarket Subscriptions.

Many are the ones who go for it. This offers a number of advantages and saves money at the same time. However, there is another way that is simple but very effective. And without a subscription. In fact, sometimes you just need to choose the right store to buy certain products. at cheaper prices.

Achar Power: Choose a large supermarket

The ranking of the UFC Que Choisir

To find out which supermarkets are selling inexpensive products, there is a classification. This ranking is good because our purchasing power is at half-staff. It is the club UFC-Que Choisir that unveils it every year. It exists 1006 shops in France. These shops belong to the eight main banners. In September 2021, investigators from the said association classified these stores.

In this ranking you can see the list of these stores with their prices recorded on drive-through sites. investigator 98 products tested sold at Leclerc, Intermarché, Casino, Cora, Carrefour, Auchan, Colruyt and Système U. The products in question include savory and sweet foods. They also tested beverages, frozen foods, hygiene, dairy and non-dairy products.

Leclerc leads the table

The association betrays 60 euros difference between brands for the price of a basket with these 98 products. At the top of the ranking mentioned above we find Leclerc. This brand stands out from the rest by offering products at low prices. The consumer association confirms this observation by showing the differences in the cost of shopping trolleys between different brands.

According to this association, a shopping trolley in Michel Édouard Leclerc shops costs 348 euros. While a shopping trolley costs 356 euros at Intermarché, it is 365 euros at Système U. At Casino, on the other hand, the prices are higher. However, a shopping basket there would cost 408 euros. This represents a difference of 17% compared to the price at Leclerc.

Leclerc improves purchasing power
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Intermarché is not far behind

UFC-Que Choisir still gives way other interesting details for those who care about their purchasing power. In fact, Leclerc stands out from other brands with very specific products.

buy dairy, beverages, frozen, savory and sweet foods, Leclerc is the cheapest. When it comes to frozen food, the brand is on par with Colruyt. The same applies to the hygiene departments. As for the other products, Intermarché is not far behind.

It should also be noted The price difference from one point of sale to another. The investigators found this difference in Cora stores. According to these investigators, the difference is 19 euros. And this for similar articles. This gap is even clearer at Carrefour and Casino. In fact, the investigators noticed a corresponding difference of 101 and 107 euros.

Purchasing power: where to buy cheaper?

To find out which is the cheapest store, look at the area of ​​the store. Yes, it seems unlikely, but this little trick can save you money. That is, to find products that cost less, it is better to go in a bigger place.

This applies to signs located on the same street. Another tip allows you to spend less on your shopping cart. It is the selection of your store according to the prices of their favorite everyday products.

To get good deals, hard discounters such as Lidl or Netto are a good choice. These signs have made a place for themselves in the life of the French for several years. All thanks to their price. In fact, these characters lower their prices. This technique has enabled Lidl and Aldi to retain 10% of the consumer market share.

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