Narbonne: the successful passage of François Sangalli and André Maratuech to their children

François Sangalli and André Maratuech pass the SM Group on to the new generation.

“It’s one story that ends and another begins.” François Sangalli and André Maratuech are no longer the leaders of the SM Development and Promotion Group. They just passed their shares on to their children. “We will take a step back even as we advance our relationship”, trust François Sangalli and André Maratuech. It is time for the new generation to take the company’s fortunes into their own hands. The SM Group employs 15 people and achieves an annual turnover of around 40 million euros. An important heavyweight in the Narbonne economy, also present throughout Occitania from Montpellier to Toulouse. “For us it is very proud and happy to pass the business on to our children. We’re glad it’s staying in the family.”, congratulate the two former players of the RCN, champions of France in 1979. In good three-quarters centers that they were both, the transfer, like a successful pass that puts his teammate to the test, is an essential value. The two men didn’t miss it. The one that continues a shared family history that is unique in its kind.

“We had difficult times”

François Sangalli and André Maratuech have been very familiar with the local economy since 1979, when they founded their first company dedicated to the individual home. “We started with nothing. We had some difficult times”, remember François Sangalli and André Maratuech. Complementary, accomplices, in the extension of their rugby years, they bit their teeth in the 80s before achieving success. Real estate agency, construction company, public works, they touched everything. “We spotted trades.” And with their sports culture, they wanted to perform until they became leaders in their field. “Our approach to the field is based on the idea that we must always give ourselves the means to develop at the best level in our professions. Thanks to the richness of its site and its knowledge of the regional urban fabric, the group has been able to successfully evolve over time, demonstrating its expertise in each of its files to meet the needs of elected officials, local authorities and private investors will.” The duo wanted to pass on these values ​​and know-how to the new generation.

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