Take a close look, you may have almost 400 euros of technical equipment in your drawers

On average, French households across the country store the equivalent of 392.50 euros in unused technical devices with a total value of 11.4 billion euros. Indeed, these are the conclusions of a recent study.

old AAA watermarked cell phones
Old Cell Phones Omar’s Dad Keeps // Source: Frandroid

11.4 billion euros of unused technical devices are sleeping in French households“. The following is announced in the press release issued by the company ecoATM following a survey commissioned by OnePoll. In other words, “whether televisions, mobile phones or even Gameboy and Tamagotchi“These legacy products that we’re not getting rid of represent a huge jackpot overall.

This corresponds exactly to an average value of 392.50 euros per household, we read in the press release that was sent to the media and was initially passed on byclubbing. To stay averageOn average, the French have 2.3 mobile phones that have not been used for more than a year“. In addition, 27% – more than a quarter of those surveyed – say they store more than three.

At the end of this survey, we also learn that an adult in France owns an average of 5.2 smartphones over their lifetime.

Why do we keep our old phones?

The company ecoATM explains in its press release that 40% of those surveyed do not throw away their old smartphone if the one they are currently using breaks or is lost. Interestingly, one in five respondents simply does not know how to dispose of an old piece of technology.

A good proportion of French men and women also say they keep old gadgets voluntarily in case they feel the urge to take them out of the closet to use them again. Some even admit itnot good at saying goodbye to these objects“. Then it was 62% who declared that their mobile phone was the most valuable technological device in their eyes.

This study is based ona sample of 1,000 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over“. ecoATM is a company that specializes in the recovery of old smartphones and guarantees that the recovered devices will be recycled or reused. In other words, the company’s goal here is to encourage you to behave in an environmentally responsible manner. If you sure are that you no longer use an old device, you can try to recycle it.

Also, remember to research the repairability of your devices.

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