MG confirms the upcoming arrival of a roadster

Tue 02.08.2022 — Zero emissions with the wind in your hair.

future electric MG roadster illustrationIf the MG brand has achieved an enviable reputation, it is for its roadsters. MG TD, then MGA and MGB, finally with the MG TF. But it disappeared more than 10 years ago… A Cyberster concept had people imagining that the brand could return to the cars that made them famous, the matter is now confirmed.
future electric MG roadster illustrationIt’s about a little Videos on Twitter that the manufacturer presented its vision of a new roadster.
future electric MG roadster illustrationWe note several things, the first being that this is indeed a strict 2-seater roadster, with a plush, power-folding roof. Then, even though the MG brand is no longer English property, the British flag is honored in its design, as seen in the rear lights.
future electric MG roadster illustrationWhat is surprising is that the doors do not open conventionally, but lift upwards. Which is fun but not too practical on a day-to-day basis as it limits the use of door storage, if you have one. Another point that is difficult to see positively is the steering wheel no longer. As Tesla imposes on its most powerful Model S, it misses more than half the circle. If we’re to think it’s not very awkward on an American highway, we think it’s a handicap on a minor mountain road.
future electric MG roadster illustrationHowever, we will be careful not to take all the properties presented in this short video as definitive. The self revealed may be just another concept. The only thing that is certain is that this future roadster will be electric. We’re looking forward to that, because we know that it won’t have any competition on the market, especially since, as we found out in our test of the ZS electric SUV, MG gives a lot for manageable prices.

Are you excited for an electric MG Roadster?

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