His car’s seats are crumbling, he’s being asked for a CRAZY sum!

At the wheel of his Zoe, this driver is surprised that the seats are crumbling. But what he doesn’t understand is that Renault refuses to reimburse him.

Trying out the electric car means adopting it. In any case, that applies perfectly to this motorist from Montélimar (26). Already owner of a 2018 Zoeour reader decides at the end of 2019, to order a second one in the R135 version. After two and a half years of use, it shows only 30,700km. However, for a few weeks he had a strange feeling when he got behind the wheel of his car. Feeling repeated when sitting in the passenger seat. Intrigued, our reader decides to consult his dealer.

Rugged seat foam

This then identifies itself a foam problem on the front seat cushions. Actually this one seems to crumble, which no longer ensures comfort and support that our man knew by then.

He then told himself that a problem could happen and that Renault would not fail to fix it.

Renault refuses to take part in the repair

However, he becomes disillusioned when the dealer presents him an estimate of €1,335, without the involvement of the manufacturer. He then refused to start work and requires a support request to be made to the brand. However, this request will prove to be rather inconclusive, as Renault only grants it 40% participation. Our reader does not take off: For him no question paying that €801 for such a recent car.

Our defense strategy

The anger of this motorist is easy to understand. Granted, seats can sag over time and miles. But this Zoe is just 2.5 years old and has only driven 30,700 km! Suffice it to say that she is almost in new condition. In addition, for such a problem offers the scale of our experts full support from the manufacturer within the limit of 5 years or 80,000 km, on the first of the two terms reached. So Renault has to be here bear 100% of the costs.

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