Intel is giving up a flagship product and it’s going to cost them dearly!

news hardware Intel is giving up a flagship product and it’s going to cost them dearly!

In the hot seat for a few years, this division should have closed its doors not too long ago. Intel promises not to let down customers who currently use their products regularly.

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Intel announces the end of the Optane division. Once flagship SSD storage accelerators. In 2015, SSDs were very expensive, hence Intel’s brilliant idea of ​​adding an SSD that optimizes the performance of its storage medium. Adding it to an HDD, for example, has increased performance tenfold, comparable to an SSHD (an SSD paired with a traditional hard drive).

The memory is intelligent and understands what is used by the person on a regular basis. As a result, all essential files are directly accessible from the fast storage medium. This memory adapts to the user’s habits over time. If you’ve had an intense time playing video games, Optane has your games stored in its memory. On the other hand, if you use your computer for office automation, your files will be stored there.

Today, storage has become much more affordable and SSDs were even cheaper than HDDs back then. The need for Optane is therefore greatly reduced today. Even if the brand also makes more traditional SSDs, like the Optane 9 series, which starts at 400 euros and can reach 3000 euros.

Optane Shutdown Risks $550M Cost

According to Intel, it was one of the least profitable divisions. This activity sale is the sixth for the American company. Intel had already sold its SSD storage to SK Hynix for a whopping 9 billion euros. His drone division has migrated to Elon Musk’s brothers.

According to Intel “The move will result in an inventory write-off/write-down of $559 million.” A colossal price that will hurt the company, which is already trying to make budget cuts. New CEO Pat Gelsinger’s goal is to simplify Intel’s business and get back to basics.

It is therefore a complete end for Intel’s storage subsidiary. The development of its SSD storage has already stalled since it was sold. So it’s the turn of the revolutionary Optane memory to say goodbye. Knowing full well that the general public sector has been at a standstill for a few years now. Only the professional part remained, which made it possible to increase the storage capacity of the servers.

Intel will also stop its professional server activities. Initially thought to be the only Speicher subsidiary to remain, it is now also time to draw the curtain.

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