Retirement 2022: everything you need to know

The question of the purchasing power of the French has been at the center of debates in the National Assembly in recent days. And the issue of retirement provision has been much discussed. due to inflation, several measures related to purchasing power were adopted by the deputies and then by the senators. This applies in particular to pensions.

A An increase of 4% was booked to the basic pensions retrospectively as of 1 July 2022. The basic pensions already had one first revaluation of 1.1% in the month of January. About the year 2022 it is a Overall growth of 5.1% applied to basic pensions. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has also promised that there will be a revaluation on January 1, 2023. “There will also be a revaluation because inflation will rise by then,” Bercy’s owner stated.

Who can draw an old-age pension?

The statutory retirement age is currently 62 years. In order to receive a full pension at this age, you must have reached a certain number of contribution quarters. The full rate is automatically reached between the ages of 65 and 67.

There are many exceptions. A disability, the difficulty of your job or the early nature of your first steps in the world of work can affect the age of your state pension. In these cases you will still receive a full pension.

When are you going to retire?

If you fill in the fields for drawing an old-age pension, this will be paid to you on the 9th of the following month. For example, your pension for the month of July will be paid out on August 9th.

If the 9th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be made on the 1st previous or next business day. Additional information, the payment schedule is different in the Alsace-Moselle region.

What is a supplementary pension?

Agirc-Arrco, the main supplementary scheme, supplements the compulsory basic pension. You must contribute to this system if you are or have been in the private sector. As you work, you collect points that are converted into a monthly pension when you retire.

The supplementary old-age pension is not revalued in the summer. They will follow the original schedule set for November 1st when Agirc-Arrco could see an uptick. Ancillary systems are not administered by the state. Discussions on the topic are to take place in September.

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