Crush at Lidl with this new device for less than 13 euros, ideal for this summer!

Don’t talk about inflation at Lidl. The German brand wants to please the bank accounts of the French. As ? By continuing to offer quality products for sale, but always at prices that greatly distance the competition. Don’t think that technology is only for the fattest of wallets. Thanks to Lidl, everyone can afford a quality wireless speaker or headphones.

Lidl is a music lover’s best friend

On their Instagram account, the brand is proud to announce the release of their new products: ” Is low-cost technology possible? The answer is yes. Whether on the train, on the street or with friends, you will find our Bluetooth speakers and headphones for the whole family.“. The prices are back. The speakers are available for less than 20 euros, while the headphones are available for you for around 16.99 euros. Enough to stock up on music without breaking the bank.

Aesthetics take center stage as the devices are beautiful and modern. Lidl knows that consumers like beautiful objects. And these are not the available products. You also have the option to treat yourself to wireless headphones.. But there is no question of investing more than a hundred euros in these products. The wireless headphones offered by Lidl are on sale for 19.99 euros.

Therefore, in this time of inflation, Lidl takes care of your bank accounts. No way for the brand to part with its consumers with the crisis. On the contrary, Lidl markets are becoming more of a bargain Eldorado.

Count on Lidl during the heatwave

On Instagram, Monday July 25, 2022, the German brand hits hard with this new release. ” Discover our table air freshener in the “Survive the #heatwave” series! Small and practical with its oscillation function and its #mister, it is indispensable for a cool summer. See you tomorrow at the supermarket! »

The brand presents us with this aesthetic air freshener that will undoubtedly accompany us throughout the summer. This product is used without chemicals. Simply pour fresh water (or ice cubes if you want extra freshness) into the container. It uses this water to expel cool air. During the heat peaks, it’s just essential if you don’t have air conditioning.

For those on a bigger budget, it’s hard not to recommend Lidl’s portable air conditioner. This product can cool, dehumidify and ventilate the house. With 2kW of power, you can count on it to get the job done. Price level, don’t worry. As we know, these types of products are generally expensive. But at Lidl you can get away with 229 euros. A sum, of course. But to cool off in summer, nothing better. In addition, it consumes little electricity.

Beware of brand scams

Currently, Lidl is the target of scammers trying to play on consumer gullibility. The way scammers work is simple: they simply pretend to be Lidl by sending an email to consumers. This confusingly realistic email promises consumers a reward. While the latter didn’t play. That’s a sham price. But those who are fooled click on the URL listed in the email. Then the problems begin. This simple action will attack their bank accounts.

There is a good way to avoid being tricked. First, never enter your bank details online, let alone on a site you are visiting for the first time. Reckon it’s impossible to win without playing. So if you received this type of email and didn’t play, it is undoubtedly a scam. Unfortunately, internet users have to be more and more careful on the internet because this type of scam is now commonplace.

Kaddouri Ismail

I am Ismail from Morocco, I work as a blogger and online marketer. I am also the founder of the “Mofid” site, in which I constantly publish many important articles in the field of technology, taking advantage of more than 5 years of experience working in the field. I focus on publishing in a group of areas, the most important of which are programming, e-marketing, digital currencies and freelance work.

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