Purchasing power: Prices for baby products have skyrocketed in pharmacies

published on Tuesday, August 02, 2022 at 11:24 am

In pharmacies, the prices of some baby products have risen sharply, as consumers and pharmacists have learned from the media.

The prices of baby products in pharmacies are increasing and the reason remains the great unknown. To news from France, the price of diapers has increased up to 91%, the price of infant milk 11% to 33%.

Nearby parisian, pharmacist confirm.

“Many references cost today 6, 7 or 8 euros more expensive than before the Covid crisis,” says Pierre-Olivier Jacquot, pharmacist in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle). “Over the past two months, 80% of the 320 labs I work with have had their catalog prices re-evaluated most frequently by 7 to 15%!”notes Audrey Lecoq, founder of Pharmazon, lamenting that these increases “were the most common without any specific justification.

The NHS Meharini lab provides an answer to that parisian, justifies this price increase for infant milk in the Novalac range “The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict”. “Since the beginning of 2022, milk powder, vegetable oils, but also plastic and aluminum packaging have experienced very strong growth in our markets”, continues the lab. According to a Laboratoires Gilbert spokesperson, “All commodities have gained an average of 12.1% since 2021.”

Raging inflation

Always near the parisian, The founder of Pharmazon still wonders: “How can we explain that price increases are frequent much higher if they come from big brands or big laboratories, often listed on the stock exchange than if they come from small structures? (…) Some take advantage of the current situation to increase their margins?

In supermarkets, prices are cheaper on average. “If there is a big price increase in the pharmacies and the prices stay the same in the supermarket, yes, we could perhaps change,” testifies a family man News from France.

This price increase is part of high inflation. CPI inflation in France accelerated again towards target in July 6.1% over one year, up from 5.8% in June, according to a first preliminary estimate published by INSEE at the end of July. This is the number the highest since July 1985, states the institute for statistics.

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