Fuel: 30 cents, cost price… the calendar and the conditions of the discounts to find your way around better

In view of rising fuel prices, the government has introduced a special discount at the pump of 18 cents per liter. This device, which was normally scheduled to be phased out on July 31, 2022. TotalEnergies also announced a discount. Overview of dates and deadlines that you should remember.

You don’t understand anything anymore? The ads follow each other and you can’t find your way around? We take stock of the various fuel rebates announced by the government in recent weeks, their implementation dates and their conditions.

September: 20 cent discount at the pump in total stations

The TotalEnergies company announced new discounts on its prices on Friday, July 22nd. A discount of 20 cents per liter is granted September 1 to November 1st. By December 31, it should then go to 10 cents per liter, as the group announced.

This new discount replaces the summer discount that is only valid at the group’s motorway stations until August 31st. TotalEnergies has been offering this since July 1st a discount of 12 cents on diesel and petrol engines (except superethanol E85). BFM TV.

September-October: 30 cents discount

The Purchasing Power Law, the text of which must be finally voted on this Wednesday, August 3, includes the extension of tariff protection for energy prices until the end of the year and the abolition of the public audiovisual 138 euros, but also, another boost at the pump.

Indeed, as remembered France blue, the Economy Minister found a compromise for fuels with a discount of 30 cents per liter instead of currently 18 cents. They were introduced in April and then extended until August 31st.

This rebate measure of 18 cents/liter of fuel will therefore increase to 30 cents in September and applies to all fuels, including E85 at the already lower price. Therefore, if you run diesel in your diesel vehicle, you are just as concerned as if you were running unleaded petrol.

The discount applies immediately to the driver. The price after the discount is displayed directly at the pump and via the totem boards at the entrance.

With the discount of 20 cents at the pump announced by TotalEnergies, “you would have fuel for 1.5 euros at some gas stations in France,” Bruno Le Maire continues.

This discount, which is directly deducted from the price displayed at the pump, is then applied again only 10 cents in November and December.

Fuel voucher, big wheel grant, help for rural stations… those other routes

For now, these are just simple suggestions. However, the ‘workers’ fuel flat rate’, also known as the ‘fuel check’, was swept away by the LR faction in the assembly.

By the end of the year, rural service areas are to be subsidized by the state.

Note: The cost price operation without motorways offered by Leclerc was only valid until July 30.

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