“A real cinema at home”: This soundbar from Samsung is acclaimed by moviegoers and is available at Cdiscount

To be able to enjoy high-quality audio playback, a soundbar is essential.  (Image: Samsung)

To be able to enjoy high-quality audio playback, a soundbar is essential. (Image: Samsung)

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The Samsung HW-T420 soundbar is praised for being excellent value for money and featured in great advertising at Cdiscount.

Clearer voices, deeper bass, whether you’re watching your favorite movie, football game, or playing games on your newly purchased PS5, the soundbar greatly enhances the viewing experience. Recommended by moviegoers and praised for its value for money, the Samsung HW-T420 soundbar is currently available at Cdiscount. To mark its 72-hour Samsung operation, the French e-tailer is offering its members additional 5% discount with code SAMCDAV5.

Great sound skills

That’s what the Samsung HW-T420 Soundbar promises richer sound. Thanks to its 6.5 inch subwoofer the bass is deeper. The sound is clearer Thanks to the crosstalk suppression technology, the speakers have a better directivity. And that for every audio track. Whether it’s a movie, sporting event or video game, the Samsung T420 Soundbar delivers an optimized soundtrack and immerses you in the action… just like in the cinema!

Samsung HW-T420 sound bar | €129.99 instead €153.92 or €122.55 with the code SAMCDAV5

Samsung HW-T420 sound bar

Samsung HW-T420 sound bar

Take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

Fast and easy access

There are several ways to connect the soundbar to an external device. A connection with an optical or HDMI cable, first. But also a connection via Bluetooth, with a Samsung TV or another brand TV. Either way, getting to the soundbar is quick and easy. Samsung TV owners can even control it with their device’s remote control to avoid multiplying.

© cdiscount

© cdiscount

“For a cinephile like me, it’s perfect!”

With a score of 4.4 out of 5 starsthe Samsung T420 Soundbar has it all and has already convinced a number of users:

“For a cinephile like me, it’s perfect! Opportunity to watch movies with more sound than with a classic speaker, Nickel!”

“The top of the top. The sound is impeccable and takes up the whole 100m2 apartment, very good home cinema. I love it.”

“I’m excited. I bought a 4K TV with the Samsung Soundbar and I can really see the difference. A real cinema for the home.”

While many buyers emphasize this “Very good value for money”it will appeal even more now that the item is available for a limited time on Cdiscount at a reduced price, from €153.92 to €129 for all customers or €122.55 for CDAV members.

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