A powder could revolutionize the automotive industry!

Researchers have succeeded in developing hydrogen powder that could revolutionize the automotive industry in the years to come.

The electric car has developed rapidly in recent years, and today we are a long way from cars that can only drive a few hundred kilometers and have a tiny battery. From now on there is something for every taste and more importantly every budget, while technologies are constantly evolving. Today there are vehicles that can drive more than 700 kilometers without a charging station, such as the Mercedes EQS. It is indeed important that this segment develops while customers are becoming more numerous, constrained by environmental measures and the combustion ban in 2035. But it is still difficult to bypass all the shortcomings of electric cars, especially the charging time. Therefore thehydrogen also seems to be a solution for the future.

An amazing powder

Although this type of motorization is also developing very slowly, it is not as fast as the electric one. And for good reason, despite its many advantages, hydrogen also has some disadvantages. Among them the difficulty of storage, since this gas is very volatile and therefore difficult to transport. In addition, it is also very explosive, which can make its use dangerous. But researchers may have found an innovative solution. This is called ” solid-state hydrogen‘, and simply denotes hydrogen that has been converted into powder. An innovation that we owe to a group of Australian researchers and that could revolutionize the automobile of tomorrow.

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Many advantages

This new kind of store hydrogen facilitate its transport considerably and thus reduce costs in particular. In addition, it would also reduce the pollution caused by freight traffic by using cleaner trucks, while the powder would take up less space. Cars would be safer because the gas would be less explosive than in its traditional form. Nevertheless, it will still be a few years before this revolutionary powder is used for series vehicles.

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