Toyota Bans BZ4X Owners From Driving Them Ahead Of The Recall

Toyota bZ4X

The recall of Toyota’s electric SUV bZ4X continues to cause concern. Customers have received somewhat alarming mail regarding this.

In late June, Toyota organized a recall of the bZ4X, its first electric vehicle. In fact, a wheel attachment problem can cause a wheel to come loose. This does not affect all examples, but the recall affects 2,700 bZ4X and 2,600 units of its twin, the Subaru Solterra. This operation has been specified as global for certain series.

From now on, Toyota asks the affected customers to stop driving their electric SUV. A loaner vehicle is available for these people, and the manufacturer does everything it can to limit their annoyance.

“We recently issued a recall for your Toyota bZ4X and continue to ask not to let the vehicle drive until a solution is found », we can read with this formatting. It’s a letter to an American customer telling us this, but the affected European customers are also receiving instructions. “We are working on a solution and will let you know as soon as it is available. »

“At Toyota, your safety is our number one priority. Contact your Toyota dealer who will collect your vehicle and store it free of charge. We will also lend you a replacement vehicle free of charge until a solution is found. »

In addition to these proposals, Toyota pays attention to a limitation “the disadvantages associated with this situation”. The brand will fully cover the fuel costs of rental vehicles and offer charging times until December 2024.

Toyota even offers to buy the vehicles

Toyota seems concerned the problem could persist and doesn’t want its customers to get impatient. The company invests enough heavy financial resources to satisfy them, especially through important commercial gestures.

For example, Toyota is offering affected customers a loan of US$ 5,000 on the leasing or purchase price of the vehicle. In addition, the warranty is extended by a period that corresponds to the decommissioning of the electric SUV.

But for customers who don’t want the solutions offered by the manufacturer, Toyota thinks bigger. “If you do not wish to proceed as described above, Toyota will offer to buy back your vehicle.”.

Affected customers will be contacted immediately by employees of the brand. If not, phone numbers are available.

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