Lidl strikes with its espresso machine at an unbeatable price!

Lidl has just released an espresso machine that appeals to both coffee lovers and their wallets. It is therefore an opportunity to buy a new machine at a great price. It should be available in the brand’s stores this week, along with many other coffee-related gadgets. We explain everything to you here.


Lidl is a big discount brand. Its purpose is to offer products from quality and at low prices. Because of this, more and more consumers are choosing the brand. But even without being a regular consumer, many people go there every now and then to buy an exclusive Lidl.

It must be said that Lidl offers very interesting products with its range Silver Coat of Arms. With it you can equip your kitchen or house with very interesting household appliances or food processors. In fact, the range offers everything from grills to air conditioners to food processors. And always at very good prices. Which attracts many consumers.

The espresso machine

Whether at work, at home or on vacation, you can’t do without your little coffee in the morning or after dinner, Lidl has a solution for you. In general, coffee makers can drive up their prices. These are usually budgets of several hundred euros. However, Lidl offers his new coffee machine for only 79.99 euros.

Lidl therefore offers a high-quality and therefore robust coffee machine. With a retro yet modern style, the product is of course part of the Silver Crest range. Inside you will find a high-pressure steam nozzle and a nozzle for milk froth. The machine has a pressure of 15 bar, which preserves the good aroma of the coffee. So you can prepare a full-bodied coffee, sweet or whatever you want. The Lidl coffee machine is also included 3 years guaranteed and is a shop exclusively for only 15 days. So be ready, she will be marketed this Thursday, August 4th.

Lots of gimmicks

This Lidl coffee maker is not just great for its price or in itself. It also has the ability to combine all kinds of accessories. In fact, few of them found 2 filters, either for one cup or for two. In the Silver Crest range you will also find a two-in-one measuring spoon with tamper. You will also find a removable drip tray with water level indicator, but also a grid that is also removable. This makes it the ideal coffee machine for all coffee lovers on a small budget. Hurry, it will only be marketed for two weeks.

After that, it’s unclear whether Lidl will put it up for sale again or not. In any case, it is certain that it is a German brand spoil us for this summer. Lidl offers a wide range of products enjoy the heat without getting too hot!

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