Hautes-Pyrénées: no phone for 3 weeks, Orange subscribers to Andrest see red

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For the past three weeks, around 30 Orange subscribers from Andrest, many of whom are employed, have had neither a telephone nor an Internet connection. The operator appears to be playing deaf, with interventions that are as rare as they are ineffective, at least for now.

About ten days ago, Fabienne, Andrest’s pharmacist, expressed her connection difficulties in our columns. “It was really problematic, we haven’t had a phone or internet since July 18, couldn’t use the payment terminals or our long-distance transmission devices,” she says, “and to top it all off we were on duty last week. “

Of course she drives to Orange, where ironically she is first offered a telephone appointment with a technician if her line doesn’t work… Despite her insistence, the operator assures us that everything is fine, that the breakdown isn’t your fault. “Maybe, but they then provided me with an Air Box, a small Wi-Fi box that works more or less, we don’t have the fiber optic speed, it gets disconnected regularly and I had to get my money’s worth from a specialized technician who adapting our software to this case… Honestly, it’s not serious, we have professional subscriptions that are more expensive than private ones, with special services such as: B. l 24/24 support and a commitment to repair within 48 hours.” We are far from that…

At the café-bakery, Bernard Mouret and his wife want to get out of this situation quickly.

At the café-bakery, Bernard Mouret and his wife want to get out of this situation quickly.

“Orange don’t worry!”

The same goes for Stéphane and Sonia, who run the Proxi right next door. “Since July 18th we have had nothing, we have not been able to accept payments by credit card or place our daily orders which are taken over the internet or by telephone. We contacted Orange who offered to pick up an Air Box. You understand, we have to get it, they don’t move! Note, it’s already a miracle to have them on the phone and when we have them, they answer that the incident, you speak of an incident, will be recorded account , big thing!”

Sonia and Stéphane, the managers of Proxi, have the feeling of being "stroll".

Sonia and Stéphane, the managers of Proxi, have the feeling of being “guided”.

Stéphane does not rule out taking legal action against others for poor performance. Especially since the Air Box, which was somehow still working up until then, simply let go after a power failure. “We’ll go back and get another one…” It’s the same frustration with Bernard Mouret and his wife, who run “Le Miotron,” the village’s café-bakery. “We are like our colleagues, we no longer know what to do. We put on an air box but it works half the time. We can restart Orange, nothing happens, they send the ball back to us, telling us it’s not coming from the net. If we insist a little and we get angry, they promise us discounts on our subscriptions, but we don’t care, we want it to work! If the disc still took two or three days we would have adjusted, but now it’s three weeks. For now, because we haven’t come out yet!

Delphine Dupuy, the manager of the Castellanos furnishing company at the entrance to the town, is also affected. Ironically, a giant telephone antenna borders the site. “But it’s still not going any better,” she shrieks, “we can ask Orange, they’ll send us technicians from their subcontractors to check whether our connection to the fiber optics is correct, he is.” The problem comes from the Orange network, but they don’t want to admit it. So yes, we could get an Air Box, but we had to configure it ourselves or we couldn’t. By the way, it works when it wants to, and it doesn’t want to often… But we need an internet connection and a phone to work, to get in touch with our customers, our suppliers.”

At Castellanos, despite temporary solutions, we are trying in vain to regain internet access...

At Castellanos, despite temporary solutions, we are trying in vain to regain internet access…

One of their employees, who is visibly up-to-date with the latest technology and has contacts in the industry, explains: “Everyone passes the buck, but the problem actually comes from Orange, it would be a badly installed card in a cabinet Vic-en-Bigorre. Ibos had the same breakdown three weeks ago, it was fixed quickly, you just have to put it back on. An error of this kind when you plug it in can happen, but Orange doesn’t want to assume the problem is that. And it’s starting to seriously irritate, on Andres side…

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