Gers: He invents a revolutionary and ecological method to clean his pool

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An Orbessanais, concerned about saving water in his swimming pool, thought about and developed a revolutionary and cost-effective concept. The process, called Stop Wasting Water, has just been patented.

In 2018, the sands of the Sahara invaded the swimming pool of Patrice Fortin, who has been living in Orbessan, Charentais, for three years. From there, this former executive of an American compressed air company thought about an effective way to clean his sand filter while protecting the environment, water and energy. Then he had an idea that wasn’t quite ready yet: “I tried a filtering technique first by adding three more filters, but I wasn’t satisfied,” he says. He keeps thinking and finally finds the perfect technique: a specific tank to add to his pool.

“A reservoir through which the water is purified”

When a classic sand filter shows a red light on the filter pressure gauge, which is used to monitor the degree of clogging of the filter and to ensure that the filtration system is working properly, it is time to clean it. To do this, the lever in the filtration position must be moved to the washing position. The pool water is then used in a counter-current flow to “shake off the sand and clean up any accumulated contaminants,” explains Patrice. In general, during the washing/rinsing phases, the water is discarded, but not only. “We then throw away three elements: water, treatment products and dust,” he enumerates.

A special tank added to the system allows the water to be purified.

A special tank added to the system allows the water to be purified.

Significant water and energy consumption and an attack on the environment that can be avoided thanks to his invention “Stop Wasted Water”. “It’s a special tank that we add to the system that purifies the water,” he says. A process that allows the water and the treatment products it contains to be recycled and reintroduced into the pool to remove only the dust. “This saves 100% water and avoids excessive consumption of the engine and the release of pollutants into nature,” he reveals.

Between 250 and 300 euros

Patrice explains the concept to Jacques Franck Bristiel, President of the Association of Creative Inventors Engineers of Languedoc Roussillon, who directly validates the idea. Patrice Fortin then registered his invention with the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Protection). Four years later, he has just received the invention patent. Patrice is currently looking for sponsors. “It would cost between 150,000 and 200,000 euros to start the project,” he estimates. An unprecedented environmental innovation, as he says: “Anyone who wants to seize the patent does not have to fight the competition, they don’t exist! “.

This process affects all current and future pool owners. In addition, Patrice promises “easy assembly and use, within reach of a 3-year-old. He also estimates the value of the process for the individual to be between 250 and 300 euros and would like to make his invention mandatory once a swimming pool is purchased. Although Patrice currently only has one patent, his ideas are second to none. “I have four inventions in all,” he says, and all of them would have been validated by Jacques Franck Bristiel.


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