Mondial de l’Auto 2022: the list of manufacturers present and absent in Paris!

The Paris Motor Show is making a comeback in 2022 after a four-year absence. But in a completely different format, with vehicle tests, Equip’Auto and the strong presence… of the Chinese.

As time passes, the situation becomes more complicated for the major European motor shows, which suffer from the lack of manufacturers and today from a lack of components that makes the groups not to present new products. Whether Geneva (for financial reasons), Munich or even Paris, everyone is suffering. And that also opens the door to more “national” shows like the one in Lyon. But Paris, like the other organizations, is not giving up. 2022 is the big comeback of the World Cup, which was last held in 2018, two years before the pandemic. The teams behind the Mondial have planned an exhibition series that should please a large audience, but as you’ll see, those who see the ‘car’ in large numbers are likely to be a little disappointed. Unless you like China.

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The manufacturers at the Paris Motor Show 2022

The French will have absentees. Peugeot will indeed be there with its all-new 408 alongside Renault, which should surprise with a 4L electric concept. The entire Renault group will be there with Alpine and Dacia, but not the former PSA as Citroën will not be there. Also in France, note the presence of the small brand NamX, which recently presented a concept of a hydrogen vehicle. And then abroad not to mention the rise of the Chinese and in particular of BYD, the juggernaut preparing its arrival in Europe. Another big Asian player will also be there: Great Wall Motors.

The complete program of the Paris Motor Show 2022

The main manufacturers who have confirmed their presence so far

Manufacturers absent from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

The big absentee is obviously the Volkswagen Group, which considers the World Cup to be unattractive in terms of return on investment.
The big absentee is obviously the Volkswagen Group, which considers the World Cup to be unattractive in terms of return on investment.©Volkswagen

How long will the big trade fairs get by with so few manufacturers? Even if the underlying conditions are not favorable (scarcity, reduced budgets for major events), one can worry about their future, especially for Paris and Munich, which play the gigantism card in the face of a more spatially reserved Geneva. Numerous manufacturers have already announced that they will cancel the World Cup in 2022. That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see their cars though, as some ‘local dealers’ may well call in to offer their new products to potential customers at a lower cost. We are now waiting for confirmations from brands such as Volvo or Mercedes, which have not yet announced anything. And it may well be that they too will skip the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

The manufacturers who officially gave up at the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Practical information from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

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