Retirement: How much does a place in an EHPAD or a retirement home cost?

However, although public authorities encourage older people to stay at home as much as possible, there are circumstances in which this becomes impossible for various reasons. The choice of accommodation can then be decisive… Retirement home, nursing home, nursing home: depending on the state of health and the degree of dependency of the senior, the services vary… and so do the prices! Here are some elements to see more clearly the different phrases applied.

Retirement: How much does a place in an EHPAD or a retirement home cost?  -

Retirement: How much does a place in an EHPAD or a retirement home cost? –

Retirement home / EHPAD: What are the differences?

The classic retirement home, also called Ehpa (residential facility for the elderly), basically welcomes autonomous residents. They are generally looking for accommodation that will allow them to overcome their loneliness, engage in activities and benefit from entertainment. On the other hand, accommodation facilities for elderly people in need of care (Ehpad) are intended to accommodate elderly people in need of care. The degree of autonomy of the resident can be variable, it is evaluated by the “GIR” (Group Iso-Resources), which contains six levels. GIR 1 is the strongest level of autonomy loss, GIR 6 is the weakest.

What average cost?

The costs of non-medical retirement homes are generally lower than nursing homes, but their price range is extremely wide… They can vary from 300 euros per month for the most modest to 3,000 euros. The price differences are explained by more or less numerous and luxurious benefits and services; but also by where you live. The most expensive are those in the big cities, with Paris of course coming first! The rates are broken down according to the following items: administrative costs (licences, documents for the family association, accounting, etc.); Costs for hotel services (accommodation in a single or double room, meals, upkeep, maintenance, heating, etc.); entertainment costs (activities, workshops, etc.); Laundry fees. In Ehpad, where residents receive assistance 24 hours a day and where the staff includes at least hospital agents, nurses, a doctor and AMP (Medical Psychological Assistance); Prices vary between €1,500 and €6,000 per month. The level of care for this type of accommodation is determined according to the degree of loss of autonomy of the resident: there are therefore three different scales established by the GIR: (GIR 1 and 2; GIR 3 and 4, GIR 5 and 6) . The average payment ranges from €5.53 per day for a resident of GIR 5-6 (very low dependent) to €20.51 per day for a resident of GIR 1-2 (highly dependent)*.

What financial help?

Any senior living in a nursing home may be eligible for Personalized Autonomy Assistance (APA), Social Assistance for Accommodation (ASH), or even Housing Assistance. People with full autonomy can ask their pension fund to try to get a contribution. *(CNSA, 2021)

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