Summer Series – How’s it going…Peugeot?

Thirteen consecutive months of decline and, on top of the depression, the worst month of June (-16.8%) since 1996. The European car market is at half-mast. The first half of 2022 ends down 14% compared to 2021. More worryingly – 5.8% compared to the first six months of 2020, which were marked by containment measures. Against this background, Peugeot sees its European sales falling by 22.4% in the first half of 2022. Things are hardly looking any better on the French market (-21.8%). Out of this darkness emerges a glimmer of hope, carried by the last known clues. First, European sales for the month of June 2022 (-3.7%) are better than the overall market (-15.4%). Likewise at national level. Signs of positive excitement or simple summer funds to sign up?

Summer Series - How's it going...Peugeot?

Second point of satisfaction: increased profitability. In fiscal 2021, the value of Peugeot models increased by 1.8%. True to the roadmap dictated by Carlos Tavares, Peugeot is pursuing its twofold goal: to establish itself as a long-term reference brand in the upper segment of generalists and to successfully place its electric bet.

The 208 bears the mark

The 208 is the top-selling vehicle on the French market in the first half of 2022 (46,482 models sold). All engines together, the city car represents the best European sales in April with 15,615 units sold. Sales of the e-208 (+6.3%) confirm the good development of the electric market. Too bad the Sochaux brand can’t yet offer a hybrid version (expected in 2023), a sector where European sales increased by 9.2% in the first quarter of 2022.

Summer Series - How's it going...Peugeot?

The new banner

Responsible for reinforcing the image of the superior generalist, the new 308 maintains its rank after a launch in a difficult post-covid context. Its aggressive design, its new electronic architecture, its original dashboard and its new plug-in hybrid engine, which no Peugeot had tried before, hit the mark.

Summer Series - How's it going...Peugeot?

New style sedan

On June 22, Peugeot unveiled its 408. A crossover with an adventurous look, based on the extended platform of the 308, whose mission is to revitalize the declining sedan segment. Initially offered as a plug-in hybrid version (110 kW and 132 kW) and petrol engine (130 hp), the e-408 will not be available until 2024.

Summer Series - How's it going...Peugeot?

The chic electric

The electric car is electrifying the market. In the first quarter of 2022, 546,000 electric and hybrid vehicles were sold in Europe, 22% more than in 2021. Growth is 32% in France and 71.6% worldwide.

Summer Series - How's it going...Peugeot?

And the penetration of this type of engine will continue to increase. With a 15.7% market share, the leader in electric vehicles, Peugeot aims to quickly reach a 17% share. With the culmination of the launches of the e-308, e-3008 and e-5008, 100% electric models expected in 2023. A future e-1008 replacing the current 108 should also reinforce the full range to be able to cope with the Renault 5 or Volkswagen ID.2.

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