Lidl offers a robot vacuum cleaner at an unbeatable price

Lidl knows exactly how to respond to the needs of its customers. She finds exactly what she needs and more in the store! Smart consumers have long known that the German brand has much more to offer than discount groceries and everyday products. Lidl allows everyone to equip themselves with ultra-trendy references and decorate the house without affecting prices! There is everything you need to make your life easier. Lidl has also developed various ranges for household appliances and tools. From the kitchen to the garden, there are many references. Whether, for example, kitchen or cleaning equipment, Lidl also offers you the luxury of choice. The discount brand does not skimp on the development of modern products. This is also the case for a device that makes daily cleaning very easy!

Lidl Vileda robot vacuum cleaner

Lidl offers you a vacuum cleaner Vileda robot ready to do the floor cleaning work for you! You just have to turn it on for it to work. A big time saver for you! With its small dimensions (32 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height), this Lidl vacuum cleaner is discreet. It weighs about 2 kg and is therefore easy to handle when you need to move it. Its two large side brushes give dust no chance. This vacuum cleaner sold by Lidl sucks right into the corners. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that gives it increased autonomy. With this, it is able to clean your home for about 80 minutes after a full charge. His 500 m XL garbage canIt’s also very practical, so you don’t have to empty it too often.

Lidl Vileda vacuum robot for €79.99
Lidl Vileda vacuum robot for €79.99

On sale Monday 8th August

Lidl offers you the best of technology with this robot vacuum cleaner. It has two navigation modes: Zig-Zag and Auto. It automatically switches from one mode to the other as needed. His stair sensors allow him to avoid high thresholds and falls. It is surrounded by a soft bumper to avoid damaging your furniture. It will be effective on hard floors and short carpets. Lidl has thought of everything and included a cleaning brush for the maintenance of this Vileda robot vacuum cleaner. With the included power cord, a full charge takes about five hours. Lidl makes you an offer that’s hard to refuse. As a matter of fact, The price is 79.99 euros from August 8, 2022. An almost unbelievable price for so much technology. It’s a safe bet that consumers will flock to this event, don’t wait!

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