These 5 electric car makers aren’t mining the seabed

Greenpeace has published a ranking of the most virtuous builders of seabed mining. Five major electric car brands stand out.

The American branch of Greenpeace took a look at the most respectful seabed builders. In fact, extracting materials from the bottom of the oceans is one way to make electric cars.

Companies specializing in this type of mining are trying to do business with car brands. Greenpeace has ranked the manufacturers according to their communication on the subject. Some of them have already announced that they will not mine the seabed, thereby limiting their ecological impact.

These are BMW, Renault, Rivian, Volkswagen and Volvo who support a moratorium on deep sea mining. Greenpeace USA welcomes these five brands and conversely denounces manufacturers who have not taken such action.

The three brands denounced by the NGO are therefore Ford, General Motors and Tesla. These three brands have not taken a public position on the issue, which Greenpeace regrets.

“If deep-sea mining were to start on an industrial scale, it would cause significant and irreversible damage to our oceans and climate”said Arlo Hemphill, head of Greenpeace’s seabed mining project.

“The stance taken by Rivian, Renault, BMW Group, Volvo and Volkswagen against deep-sea mining sends a strong signal to mining companies lining up to plunder one of the world’s most important and fragile ecosystems. »

“This new industry may not even have a market. This runs counter to the transition to green energy and transport that we need. »

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Greenpeace demands efforts from Ford, GM and Tesla

For the three manufacturers named by Greenpeace, the organization reminds that it is possible for them to oppose this dismantling. In her opinion, not being against it means supporting the exploitation of the seabed and the destruction of biodiversity.

“Ford, General Motors and Tesla have an opportunity to show leadership that puts the well-being of people and our planet first by supporting calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining. Your silence on this subject is unacceptable. »

Greenpeace’s fear is the destruction of the seabed in the Pacific Ocean, as James Hita explained. The latter is an activist for Greenpeace New Zealand and fears the long-term consequences.

“Mining in and around the Pacific will have a devastating impact on generations to come. Governments should act with the understanding that things will never change unless they stop the extractive industries from overwhelming the oceans for the benefit of a few. »

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