31% of Freebox subscribers don’t use free apps, 3 of them stand out

31% of Freebox subscribers don't use free apps, 3 of them stand out

Among our readers, almost a third does not use any of the applications offered by Xavier Niels operator.

Which official free app do you use the most? That’s the question Univers Freebox asked you last June. Among the range of tools offered by Xavier Niel’s operator in the various application stores, a large part ends up not being used very much. The survey received 3,427 responses and gives an idea of ​​which apps are preferred by subscribers.

For 31% of those questioned, the answer is clear: they do not use any application developed by the operator. The most used tool is Freebox Connect with 21% of the votes, which can be explained by the many functions offered and above all by the fact that it allows for fairly simple manipulation and analysis of WiFi. In short, a use that can necessarily concern all subscribers who want to ensure a good connection to the Internet.

However, the second place is taken by the Freebox application, formerly known as Freebox Compagnon (19%). However, the application grouping features around home automation, disk management and wireless LAN are not very up to date and should no longer offer new features. Among the comments of subscribers, some cite simpler features as the reason, especially related to the TV schedule.

As you might have guessed, Oqee is the third most used app with 18% of the votes. Access to the application on mobile, recently extended to Freebox mini 4K subscribers, has been able to capitalize on this result and the ability to access its channels anywhere remains a good point.

Unsurprisingly, applications with much more specific uses are used much less. However, Freebox Home is still used by 4% of respondents, although it is reserved for Freebox Delta subscribers with home automation devices. Next comes Freebox Files, the ability to manage the disk or any storage connected to Freebox only appeals to 3% of subscribers. For its part, the free Ligue 1, although offered to all Freebox subscribers, also attracted 3% of respondents and finally the free assistance app won 2% of the votes.

However, it is worth remembering that a new face will complete this list. In fact, Free is preparing a new tool dedicated to managing the account of Freebox subscribers, currently in an alpha phase. It allows access to the details of his offer to manage his bills or even benefit from assistance. It remains to be seen whether the latter will manage to seduce.

This article is from the Univers FreeBox website

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