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To combat inflation, the government has taken various measures to protect purchasing power. The reassessment of pensions, salary bonuses, fuel vouchers are indeed subjects to be discussed. However, private companies are also organizing to find solutions that will help the French. The electricity and gas supplier ENGIE has decided to give its customers a discount of up to 100 euros. To benefit from this subsidy, you must also be a beneficiary of the energy check set up by the state. What is the energy voucher? How do I get the ENGIE discount of up to 100 euros? In this article, we will help you see it more clearly.

The energy voucher: what is it?

The energy check has been generalized from 2018, replacing social energy tariffs and allowing the most modest households to pay their gas and electricity bills. This aid also makes it possible to step up the fight against energy poverty.

Beneficiaries :

The allocation of the energy check set up by the state is based on income and stove composition. A simulator is available on the Department of Ecological Transition website.

The sum :

The amount of the energy check varies between 48 euros and 277 euros.

How can I get and use this energy voucher?

To get this energy check and if you are eligible, you don’t have to do anything. The energy check is sent by post to the last address given to the tax office.

Once you receive your cheque, all you have to do is enter the scratch code on the government page and your customer reference. The check amount will then be deducted from your next bill.

Note that the energy check can also be used to fund energy work and fuel purchases.

ENGIE: 100 euros additional discount

Why such a discount?

Catherine Macgregor, CEO of the ENGIE Group, has just announced the launch of a discount of up to 100 euros. In fact, the electricity and gas utility just reported a net profit of €5 billion in the first half of 2022. This number has doubled compared to 2021 and over the same period. The group’s CEO is eager to help humble French faced with 5.5% inflation:

We want to set a bourgeois sign for the purchasing power of households


To benefit from this discount, you must be an ENGIE customer but also beneficiary of the energy check set up by the state. There would be a total of 880,000 beneficiaries made up mostly of low-income households.


The amount of the discount (up to 100 euros) varies depending on income and household composition. This rebate will be proportional to the amount of the energy check set up by the state.

When ?

The discount will apply from November 2022.

Costs for the company ENGIE

ENGIE announces total costs of 90 million euros for the company.

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