Diesel experiences an unexpected revival

These results come from a market study conducted by Schmidt Automotive Research in 18 countries of the European Union. As we know, the European Union will completely ban the sale of 2035 Internal combustion engine cars on its territory. Many measures have already been taken to initiate this transition and to promote the sale of electrified vehicles. During this time the cars classic petrol and, in particular, diesel-powered vehicles are increasingly taking a back seat.

The market share of cars As a result, heating oil collapsed, of course. On the European market, diesel still accounted for 53% of sales in 2015; according to figures from Schmidt Automotive Research, in June 2022 it was only 20%. During the same period, sales of 100% electric cars increased from 0.5% to 12.3% of the market volume and thus remained well below that of diesels. However, this is the lowest value in recent months for electric vehicleswhich reached 20% in December, ahead of diesels.

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Fleas, Covid, War

What happened in the meantime? This drop in sales electric cars in Europe can be explained by several factors. First there is the shortage of chips, which has been limiting the production capacities of the for some timeautomotive industry and therefore delayed deliveries from new cars in European countries. In addition, the health crisis has again led to the temporary closure of several facilities car factories in China, including those of You are here. Finally, the war in Ukraine also led to a shortage of wiring harnesses.

Diesel cars still have a 20% market share in Europe.

But when these problems are solved, sales of electric cars According to forecasts, it will quickly reach 14%. When the situation normalizes, there is a clear backlog demand for deliveries of zero-emission vehicles could follow in the second half. Volkswagen, for example, still has over 300,000 electric cars on order, which have yet to be produced and delivered.

The question of whether it will all work out this year! After all, the conflict in Ukraine seems to be dragging on and the recent tensions in Taiwan could pose new problems, since that is where most of the chips are for us cars.

The advantages of diesel

This situation therefore benefits the reviled diesel models, whose sales in the European market peaked at 20.3% in June 2022. Companies are again offering more diesel cars.

Diesel cars still have a 20% market share in Europe.

It should be noted that also on the Belgian market the diesel cars still had a share of 18% in the first half of 2022, while electric vehicles remained stable at 8.8%. In addition, drivers from diesel vehicles can still count on a number of important assets: good performance and an excellent driving experience, combined with good fuel consumption in real conditions and a very long range.

In summary, currently a diesel car remains advantageous for those who want to cover many kilometers without worries.

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